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No Adjustments to Summer Awards After 5/21/24

Late start classes that were registered after 5/21/24 for Summer 2024, will not be included in a continuously enrolled student's* total enrollment for financial aid purposes. Therefore, if you make changes to your course load after this date, you will not see an increase/decrease to your total financial aid for the term. Please note that new students* who have just registered for a late start course (who were not attending any courses at the start of the term) can still be awarded Pell, the Promise Grant (BOG) Fee Waiver and potentially more if they enroll now. However, we do encourage that you visit our Virtual Lobby should you feel that changes to your course load were a result of an extenuating circumstance.

How will adjusting my course load after the freeze date affect my financial aid?

New Student* Continuously Enrolled Student*
California Promise Grant (BOG) will be awarded to the student (if eligible) to cover tuition costs California Promise Grant (BOG) will be awarded to the student (if eligible) to cover tuition costs
Pell Grant can be included up to eligibility Pell Grant will not be adjusted after 05/21/24 for Summer 2024 

*New Student: A newly enrolled student that was not attending courses at the start of the term.

*Continuously Enrolled Student: A student that was currently attending courses at the start of the  term and has added courses after 05/21/24 for Summer 2024.

**Completion of the FAFSA/Dream Act Application will check student eligibility for multiple awards and should be completed by all students ASAP


Financial aid is for you!

The financial aid office offers a complete array of financial support services which are designed to help YOU with the educational related expenses involved in obtaining your educational goal.

We will assist you with the process of applying for and receiving financial aid through federal, state, institutional and private organizations to support your success!


There are several types of aid offered at Cerro Coso College which are funded from federal and state agencies and private organizations. The major categories are:

  • SCHOLARSHIPS - Awards based on scholastic achievement and other criteria. These awards do not require repayment.
  • GRANTS - Awards based upon financial need. They do not require repayment.
  • WORK STUDY - Opportunity to earn money for school through part-time employment.
  • LOANS - For you and/or your parents to help pay for educational expenses. Requires repayment.

Check Your Status

If you have already applied for Financial Aid and would like to check your status, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Inside CC account
  2. Click on Financial Aid.
  3. Click on Eligibility.
  4. Select the current Academic year.
  5. If you have documents that must be submitted, you will be prompted to click the Verification Connection link.
  6. Create your account utilizing your student email. Be sure to use the same name you used to complete your FAFSA and your student email.


What is Financial Aid?

Financial aid is money awarded to help you meet your educational expenses. There are many types of aid offered at Cerro Coso, funded by federal and state agencies and private organizations and are either need-based or non-need based. The major types are grants, scholarships, work study, and loans.

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Special Grant Funds and Financial Aid SupportPlay Video
Special Grant Funds and Financial Aid Support