Finish Line Scholars Program

Financial Aid to Help You Stay on Track

The California Community Colleges Finish Line Scholars Program supports students to ensure they stay on track with their education and complete a degree, certificate, or transfer to a four year college or university.

The program is intended to help eliminate regional educational gaps through the distribution of emergency financial aid to students facing unexpected hardships and scholarships to students who are well on their way toward a finish line goal of transferring to a college or university or completing a certificate or degree.

For more information on the Finish Line Scholars program, please visit the official Foundation for California Community Colleges webpage.

Apply Today for Funding

Please do not hesitate to apply! All funding this year is being awarded to students close to graduation as emergency grant aid to help students with costs such as housing, childcare, food, supplies, transportation, medical bills, outstanding student account balances, or other bills and expenses that may prevent students from enrolling and persisting.

CC is dedicated to helping you complete graduation requirements and we do not want funding to be an issue for any student. We encourage anyone who needs this funding to apply immediately!

Enrollment in both the fall and spring semesters is required to qualify for funding for both terms. Applicants must be graduating in the fall, spring, or summer of the 24-25 aid year.

Funding will be disbursed in 1 disbursement per semester (fall/spring only) Student must be enrolled full-time to be eligible.

Not being enrolled full-time in the Spring semester forfeits the second disbursement.

Review the requirements below and apply today!

Complete the Finish Line Scholars Program application

Deadline: September 9, 2024


  1. You must receive a tuition fee waiver under the California College Promise Grant.
  2. Your goal must be completion of a certificate or degree program or transfer to a four-year college or university.
  3. You must take at least 12 units or maintain an alternate full-time equivalent status during all terms in which the scholarship is active.
  4. You must be making progress toward your goal as indicated by having completed approximately half of the credits (30 or more degree applicable units) required for your program and must have a realistic plan to finish the remainder of your goal in under 2 academic years.

    Due to the amount of funding– Priority will be given to students– in final aid year. (Must be graduating in Fall, Spring or Summer.)
  5. If you are pursuing a degree or transfer, you must also meet two of these three criteria:
    1. Have completed a transfer level English course
    2. Have completed a transfer level math course
    3. Have a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  6. Have not received Finish line scholars program funds in a prior aid year.
  7. Students currently receiving aid from CC Scholars will not be considered for Finish line. Students can only be in one or the other program.