Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the ability to make informed and effective, financial decisions by possessing financial knowledge and skills.

Financial literacy education, or lack of it, is significantly impactful. Studies show that financially educated people are likelier to save, invest, stay out of debt and have more money saved for retirement than uneducated ones. And so, whether you are planning for college, trying to pay for college, or graduating and thinking about your future, it's clear that the financial decisions you make today will impact you financially well into your future.

To help you navigate these decisions, Cerro Coso Community College has partnered with CashCourse to provide students Free Financial Literacy resources for college students.

Use CashCourse to:

  1. Create a budget;
  2. Learn about the benefits of checking and savings accounts;
  3. Protect your credit;
  4. Plan for retirement;
  5. Create a budget;
  6. Read more about financial aid; and
  7. Learn about so much more!

To register now, click on CashCourse. Afterwards, type in your information and select Cerro Coso Community College, which will allow you to access CCCC's CashCourse School Site.

Sample some of our favorite CashCourse calculators and worksheets: