CC Scholars

CC Scholars

Thru in 2

The Cerro Coso Scholars is a unique scholarship opportunity offering personalized and financial support for up to two years–$1000.00 per semester–for recent High School graduates, first-time, and eligible second-year full-time college students. The program is designed to uphold Cerro Coso’s mission to improve the life of every student it serves by prioritizing equity and supporting the attainment of educational goals. Providing transfer preparation, workforce education, degree pathways, and comprehensive student support services…CC Scholars will get you Thru in 2!

All CC Scholars applications for the 2024-2025 academic year will be accepted until Friday, August 9th at 5:30 PM. Applications are on a first come, first served basis, and will be assessed and approved appropriately according to the scholarship’s requirements. Please review the following information to determine eligibility.

First Year Requirements and Eligibility Check List

For applicants with 0-24 earned units

1st Year Check List

Second Year Requirements and Eligibility Check List

For applicants with 25-60 earned units

2nd Year Check List

Apply for Aid

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CA Dream Act Application

Once you have completed all items on your checklist, please proceed to the application for which you qualify:

1st Year CC Scholars Student Application

For applicants with 0-24 earned units

1st Year Application

2nd Year CC Scholars Student Application

For applicants with 25-60 earned units

2nd Year Application

Cerro Coso has opened so many new opportunities for me in life that I never saw happening. Being able to go to school and still be so close to my family really made college more enjoyable and without Cerro Coso that wouldn’t be possible.
– Trevor Ireland, CC Scholars (formerly Promise) Graduate, General Science



While we strive to award the CC Scholars scholarship to as many qualified students as possible, please be aware that funds are not unlimited and therefore not all students are guaranteed receipt of this scholarship.

Students attending the Bishop and Mammoth Lakes campuses of Cerro Coso Community College should apply for the Inyo or Mono Promises.

Inyo Promise
Eastern Sierra Foundation Scholarship

Mono Promise
Mammoth Lakes Foundation Scholarship

For additional information on the CC Scholars scholarship or its requirements, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Myths

Myth: I won't qualify for financial aid so I shouldn't even apply.
Truth: 68% of all students receive some sort of financial aid.

Myth: It's too late for me to apply for financial aid this year.
Truth: You can apply for aid any time during the year, but some programs do have cutoff dates to receive aid this semester.



A scholarship is gift aid that can be used to support a student’s education and does not require repayment.