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KCCD Certree

To protect student privacy, Cerro Coso Community College has partnered with Certree to enable students to control their data and request and share their academic credentials, such as a diploma, certificate, proof of enrollment, proof of degree, and transcript. Credentials you share via Certree are certified and authentic. 

Using Certree is the fastest and most economical method to request and share all your digital academic credentials. Please sign in or sign up for an individual account on Certree and follow the steps to retrieve your transcript. You can directly share your transcript via Certree with any third parties.

Order Your Certree Transcripts

Check the Status of your Certree Order

After you share your credentials with a third party, you may check the status by clicking on the document in your Certree vault, then View Share History. You may also receive an email once your shared document has been accessed.


Unofficial Transcripts

You may also view your Unofficial Transcripts by using insideCC.

Login, then:

  1. Click on Tools > MyBanweb or on MyBanWeb > MyBanWeb Main Menu
  2. Click on Student
  3. Click on Student Records
  4. Click on Academic Transcript

Transcript Policies

Once you have set up your Certree vault, you can retrieve your transcripts and other student documents instantly. For unlimited free document sharing of your documents from Cerro Coso College, you will need to activate your vault. With an activation fee you can retrieve, store, and share your certified digital documents from Cerro Coso. Only you can view and share your credentials in your vault. Certree guarantees the authenticity of documents shared via Certree.

Admissions & Records no longer accepts mailed transcript requests with checks or money orders. If Admissions & Records receives a mailed request with a check, the student will be notified via phone and provided with instructions on setting up an account via Certree; the mailed request and check will then be destroyed.

How do I get my two (2) free transcripts?

Students may receive two (2) free transcripts. Free transcript orders are processed via the Admissions & Records office and can take up to 10 business days. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

If you have redeemed your two free transcripts, all other transcript orders must be placed via Certree at the links above.

To redeem your free transcripts:

Complete the Cerro Coso Transcript Request Form and submit it to Admissions & Records via email at cc_ar@cerrocoso.edu.

Download Transcript Request Form

NOTE: If you have already used your two (2) free transcripts, do NOT submit the Transcript Request form as your order will not be processed. Please sign up and sign in to Certree to access and send your student records.


Attention: Concurrent and/or Dual Enrollment Students

We advise you not to request your two (2) free transcripts until you are preparing to graduate and other colleges or universities are requiring you to send official transcripts. While you are still in high school, your high school or high school district will receive final grades for courses you took as a concurrent/dual enrollment student.

When you are preparing to graduate and need to send official transcripts, be sure to sign up for an individual Certree account and activate your account. Once activated, you will be able to send as many official transcripts as you need for 12 months.


Verification of Enrollment

Please sign in or sign up for an individual account on Certree and follow the instructions to retrieve your credentials such as proof of enrollment. You can directly share your proof of enrollment via Certree with any third parties. Please note, if the verification of enrollment requires additional information such as estimated date of graduation, course start and end dates, etc., please contact the Admissions & Records office at cc_ar@cerrocoso.edu.

If you are a verifier such as a background check company, employer, etc., please create a Certree Verifier account to request a document directly from a Cerro Coso Community College student/alumnus. It is the student/alumnus’s responsibility to share their document with you directly from Certree. Certree guarantees the authenticity of documents shared via Certree, and neither the student/alumnus nor Certree can modify the content.


Frequently Asked Questions