Pass / No Pass Grading

What is Pass/No Pass Grading?

Pass/No Pass grading is a grading system which allows students to take courses outside of their major field without the risk of jeopardizing their grade point average. Students who elect P/NP grading will only be granted credit in the course if they earn the equivalent of "C" or better; if they earn less than a "C" grade, no credit will be awarded. In either case, no letter grades are given and the results are not computed in determining a student's grade point average.

Regulations and Procedures

Regulations and procedures for Pass/No Pass Grading (P/NP) are: (Title V, Section 55752)

  1. P/NP grading may not be used for courses in a student's major field.
  2. Units earned shall not be used to calculate grade point averages. However, units attempted for which "NP" is recorded shall be considered in probation and dismissal procedures.
  3. A student must file or rescind a petition in the Office of Admissions and Records to take a course under P/NP grading no later than the first 20% of the term.
  4. Students planning to transfer to a 4-year college or university should note the following:
    1. "P" grades cannot be used in determining your GPA at the University of California or comparable institutions.
    2. The four-year school one plans to attend should be consulted to determine whether or not it will accept "P" units.
    3. Some state colleges and universities stipulate that courses used to satisfy General Education requirements may not be taken for this type of grading.

Filing a Petition

To petition for Pass/No Pass grading, download and print out the Pass/No Pass Petition form, fill it out carefully, & send it to:

Cerro Coso Community College
c/o Admissions & Records
3000 College Heights Blvd.
Ridgecrest CA 93555

Fax: (760) 384-6377