Financial Aid Timelines

Below is information to better understand the Financial Aid process and the current challenges that are affecting timelines for students to receive funding:

  • Priority filing for Financial Aid begins in October. If you completed your FAFSA or Dream Act Application before June 30th and have submitted all paperwork, you should be processed for the first fall disbursement the Friday before the semester begins. If you have corrections to make on your FAFSA or incomplete paperwork, your disbursement will be delayed.
  • If you applied after July 1st, you are a "late applicant" and will not be reviewed until after the semester begins with an expected payment in September or November. You should be prepared to purchase books with personal funds.

These timelines assume that no errors were made on the FAFSA and that all necessary paperwork has been submitted in a timely manner. Any errors and/or missing paperwork will extend these timelines.

Why these timelines in awarding funds?

The Financial Aid Office continues to see an increase in the volume of applicants each year. The Financial Aid Office processes students on a first come basis according to the application date or the date verification was satisfied if chosen for verification. Since all FA students have a financial need, the FA Office does not make exceptions for individual students.

Remember: To receive your financial aid in a timely manner:

  1. Complete FAFSA/Dream Act before June 30th before the Fall semester.
  2. Submit all paperwork requested by June 30th before the Fall semester.

Why do I have to bring in more paperwork?

Of the applications received, approximately 30% are selected by the Department of Education to be verified. If your application is selected for verification, you will be required to provide additional information and documents to confirm information on your FAFSA application. Depending on the review of the information received, the FA Office may request additional information as needed to satisfy verification.

If the information on your FAFSA is not accurate and corrections are required, your financial aid will be delayed until corrections come in and information is correct. This takes approximately 4-6 weeks additional processing time.

Will I be dropped from my classes?

It is the student's responsibility to check their student account and ensure all fees are paid. Once classes begin students are not dropped for non-payment. If you submitted a FAFSA and your record has been accepted electronically by the college AND if YOU are eligible for a fee waiver, one will be issued. If your account has fees due and you feel you are entitled to receive a fee waiver, you need to contact the Financial Aid office BEFORE you are dropped from classes. Once a student is dropped from classes, the student will have to re-register in the class. There is no guarantee that the class will still be available and the student may be put on a waitlist for the class.

How do I check on the status of the fee waiver and financial aid?

Log on to your InsideCC account for all college matters including your campus email address. Go to MyBanWeb's financial aid link and check the status of your Award Package. You will see that a Board of Governor's Waiver C (fee waiver) has been issued for California residents only. Please view this site to monitor the status of your record. When funds have been awarded you will see the payment listed under the "Award" status.

Please use MyBanWeb of InsideCC to monitor the status of your financial aid.