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Schedule of Classes

PLEASE NOTE: Days listed for certain online courses are ONLY for internal accounting purposes and do NOT require that the student meet on campus for class.

Are You Ready to Learn Online?

Considering an online course? Please take the following two quizzes to help you decide whether or not online courses are right for you.

On Probation?

You cannot register before attending a Probation/Disqualification Workshop.

Need help managing your schedule?

Want to know how to add, drop, and withdraw from classes? Watch this instructional video on How to Manage Your Schedule!

Instructional Video - HOW TO MANAGE YOUR CLASS from Cerro Coso Community College on Vimeo.

Spring 2018

Early registration starts November 8. Open registration starts November 29. Most classes officially begin January, 16, 2018.

Don't Get Dropped! Make sure to attend the first day of class! Student access to CC Online courses is available on the Friday by noon prior to class start date. The start date for Spring 2018 is Tuesday, January, 16, 2018. You must log in to your class before 8pm Pacific time on the start date or you will be dropped.

Fall 2017

Does your class require proctored exams?

Don't wait until the last minute! Contact the LAC to set up your proctor now.

The following Fall classes require proctored exams:

BIOL C101 (70459)
BIOL C101 (70460)
ENGL C070 (70953)
ENGL C070 (70594)
MATH C040 (70700)
MATH C050 (70707)
MATH C050 (70708)
MATH C053 (70711)
MATH C055 (70713)
MATH C055 (70714)
MATH C121 (70722)
MATH C121 (70723)
MATH C130 (70224)
MATH C141 (70726)
MATH C142 (70731)
MATH C152 (70734)
MATH C257 (70736)
PHSC C115 (70810)
PSYC C101 (70825)
PSYC C181 (70837)

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