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SGCC Officers 2018-2019

Student Government of Cerro Coso

The Student Government of Cerro Coso (SGCC), is the official student organization, with membership open to all students. The SGCC, through its governing body the Student Senate, promotes the Student Activities Program at Cerro Coso. A system of self-government has been established by which the students, through democratic action, formulate and execute policies and programs and prepare the student body's financial budget..

Cerro Coso Community College students can purchase a Coyote Card sticker each semester at the time of registration. The Coyote Card sticker is placed on each students identification card. These funds support the Student Activities Program which benefits the college and contributes to the welfare of all students. Possession of a Coyote Card sticker may qualify an individual to serve as a club representative or a student Senator, to hold office, to join college student organizations, and to receive student discounts at various merchants in the community. Members are also entitled to reduced or free admission to various on-campus and off-campus events sponsored by the SGCC.

Mission: The mission of the SGCC, in order to promote a harmonious environment, is to create an interactive atmosphere and immersive culture by providing student-oriented services, opportunities for involvement, and increased campus accessibility.

Objectives: The objectives of the SGCC are to represent our fellow students of Cerro Coso; uphold the constitution created by them; inspire, serve, and lead; and to make a beneficial impact within the community.


To the newly elected SGCC executive board!

  • President: Sawyer Chrisman
  • Vice President: Justine Wagner
  • Finance Manager: Jacob Kelley
  • Communications Officer: Rachel Quan
  • Event Coordinator: Yonatan Escoto

Are you interested in getting involved?

Make your voice heard!

Positions are available on the Student Senate of Cerro Coso and we want you to fill them!

The mission of the Cerro Coso Senate is to connect the student population to the Executive Board, assist the Student Government as a whole, and to make positive contributions toward college committees and is a great way to get involved in student life on campus. We hope to hear from you, and look forward to working with you to make Student Life at Cerro Coso the best it can be!

For More Information:

  • Attend an SGCC Meeting
    1st Tuesday of the month,12:30-1:30
    IWV - LRC 722 / KRV - PL5 / Bishop - 197 / Mammoth - 228
    All Students are Invited to Attend!
  • Call the SGCC
    (760) 384-6353

Students with further questions on how to participate in the SGCC, or for more information may call the Student Activities Office at (760) 384-6353. Students at campus sites or centers may contact their local administrator.

The SGCC welcomes anyone who wishes to get involved. To contact the Student Activities Office call (760) 384-6353. We will advise you in how to participate in clubs, events, or anything part of student life. We need you to help enrich the student atmosphere, so join an activity and share your insight and creativity. Do not worry, no experience is necessary.

Meet Your SGCC Officers

SGCC Officer picture

Subber Dhillon

Subber Dhillon is our dedicated President and a biology major. Wowza Subber! She's been in student government for one full year, and is starting her second one as an executive board member. Plus she's already started her own club! She basically came up with the idea and set forth the creation of Hiking Club! Woah, a biology major and outdoorsy. I'm pretty sure that was her, I was there when she was like, "I like hiking" that one time.

She says she enjoys being in student government because "[she] loves being apart of such a driven group of incredible people and putting on events for students." Das' so nice.

She estimates that she has about 7 years of school left to go, which seems pretty accurate.

KEEP BEIN' YOU SUBBs! Can I call you 'Subbs'? Eh, I'm gonna anyway.

SGCC Officer picture

Vice President
Nadia Khatib

Nadia Khatib is our Vice President on the Executive Board and is the President of the Senators.

Nadia plans to major in Neuroscience! Woah, so that's all brain stuff, will you be able to read minds?? LOL jk, but that's amazing. I'm sure there's a lot of schooling in that, but you got this! You can do anything you set your 'mind' to.Get it?! Anyways.......

Nadia has been involved with us in SGCC for about three semesters. "I love that I get to work and be exposed to a diverse group of dedicated and talented individuals that take an interest in improving the school all while having a good time :)". We do like to have fun here, it can't just all business all the time!

Future plans of hers include transferring to a UC and then applying to medical school. Neuroscience and medical school?! A brain doctor! Very cool! Fun fact about Nadia, her favorite singer is Beyonce. Well of course, who's favorite isn't 'Yonce? QUEEN!!

Follow Nadia on Instagram @_nadiakhatib

SGCC Officer picture

Blake Sarrett

Blake Sarrett holds the position of SGCC Secretary. He handles the tough job of keeping accurate minutes of each of our General Body meetings and is responsible for working with President Sam to get our Agenda made and available to the public. It's a lot more work than it may sound, but his efficiency and awesomeness makes it look easy.

Blake is majoring in engineering! Nice dude, there's big bucks in that area.

How long have you been in the SGCC? "This is my third semester with the SGCC. I love the friendly atmosphere & the events we put on." Well, the atmosphere will continue to be friendly if you bring your bright and shining face every time.

Blake plans to graduate college and from there, become a Marine Corps officer. Wow, the Marines, you can't see me right now Blake, but I'm saluting you through the computer lol.

Blakes fun fact is that he, "Likes aviation and plane stuff." A man of a few words, respect.

*Follow Blake on Instagram @blakesarrett25

SGCC Officer picture

Finance Manager
Susana Ramirez

Say "Hullooh" to Susana!

Susana Ramirez is our Finance Manager on the Executive Board, that means she is in charge of and handles where our money goes. Sound like a lot right? THAT'S NOT ALL!! She is also the PrESiDEnT of Latinos Unidos (United) club! Dang, you go girl! Gettin' stuff done is her specialty.

What do you want to do with your life Susie?

"I'm still trying to figure out a set major that I want to go for, but I'm trying to get my Gen. Ed. knocked out for right now. My problem is that I like to do a lot of stuff that I can't decide on one thing I want to pursue as a career sadly, its okay though, I will figure it out eventually. However, I still plan to graduate not this year, but next year in 2019. After Coso, I want to transfer to a CSU to further my education so I can make some decent money. At some point, I want to actually study abroad because I like the idea of being in a country with different customs and culture." Well said Susie, we are excited for you and your future endeavors. You've got big plans and there's no time to waste.

Susana has been with us in the SGCC for a year and some months now. Thank you so much for sticking with us as long as you have, why do you do it? "I joined because I wanted to get involved in the student life at Cerro Coso and actually have an effect on it. It is an amazing experience for me with cool people because we learn how to work in a group and take on the role of leadership. Being part of the SG has taught me about responsibility and it has given me some of the best college memories. I would definitely recommend joining, trust me at first I thought to be in SG was going to be boring, but when I joined it became a never-ending trail of amazing experiences and memories." Lol, same dude, I'm glad it broke our expectations. The rest of us gladly share in those amazing experiences.

Tell us something about yourself!

"You know that person in high school who always through parties their senior year? Well, I have to confess that I was that person. That whole phase passed now, but I actually made some really good memories with my friends and classmates at these parties. Another fun fact is that I have a huge passion for traveling and getting to know about other cultures. I actually already been to Paris, France, and this summer I plan to go to Brisbane, Australia."

"Sick dude." - Sus'

If you see Susana around campus, give her a chill head nod and say, "Sup bro."

*Follow Susana on Instagram @susana__ramirez

SGCC Officer picture

Communications Officer
Steven Kleeger


Hello all, it's about time we officially meet. I am Steven Kleeger and I act as the Communications Officer on the Executive Board. Not only do I talk to you all through these posts, but I also work diligently with some of our amazing faculty to get the word out about the happenings of the SGCC through our main page, this page, and also flyers and posters put up around campus. You know those silly but informational flyers you see for our events from time-to-time? All me baby, all me.

Currently, I'm just getting the Gen. Ed. out of the way. I just recently mentally changed my major to Kinesiology. I haven't done much research but I think that's the way to go. I almost hate to plug my own workplace, but I work with primarily young kids (3-13 y.o.) as an instructor of the sport of parkour and freerunning at Infinite Movement Academy. I only mention it because changing my major to Kinesiology is more cohesive with what I do. Although anytime I can mention it, I do because I love it.

I have been a part of the SGCC since Fall 2016. Not unlike my wonderful colleague Susana, I didn't think much of being part of this team at first. I just knew my buddy Samuel was reaching out to get people to join and I thought, "Eh, why not?" Little did I know how much it would do for me. The SGCC has given me connections, experience, and most importantly, the best friends I've ever had.

I don't know if I have any set future plans, all I do know is that I love what I do and want to keep doing it for as long as I can. A fun fact about me is that I know A LOT of movies and more specifically actors/actresses in those movies by name. Like, a lot of actors, from a lot of movies. If you see me on campus, feel free to say "What up Kleegs'?" and then walk away wondering why I look like that. I tend to have this dazed, 'out-of-it' look from time to time. You'll know what I mean.

Until next post, my loyal readers *tips hat*

*Follow me on Instagram @kleeger or don't, up to you.

SGCC Officer picture

Event Coordinator
Yasmine Ramos

Give a very cheery, open-mouthed, excited smile to Yasmine!!

Yasmine Ramos proudly serves as our lovely Event Coordinator, meaning she handles organizing the events and making sure they go as planned as well as also serves as the messenger between clubs on campus and the SG to keep updated on the upcoming events the clubs want to create. She's gotta literally 'coordinate' ALL the things.

You're not gonna believe this, Yas' is also the ViCe PrESiDEnT of Latinos Unidos (United) club!!! And I'm fairly certain this girl is in Honors for like, all her classes. "Oh my gatos!" - Yas'. So committed, we love you Yas'.

She's a Kinesiology major! With plans to transfer to a CSU in Fall 2019, Yas' will pursue physical therapy for a career. She has mentioned plans to maybe become the primary therapist for a whole sports team and looks forward to traveling with them. She also plans to go to Australia in the Summer with Susana, our Finance Manager.

How did we get so lucky to have you join our team?

"I joined SG because I liked the idea of being involved on campus and staying busy outside of schoolwork. I like the teamwork that's included in SG and with that, the friendships it brought as well." "Staying busy" might be sugarcoating it Yas', you do a lot and I'm here to tell you that it never goes unappreciated.

Honestly, Yasmine has a demeanor like no other person we've ever met. Constantly upbeat, cheery, and almost care-free, she gives the warmest smile you didn't know you needed.

If you see Yasmine on campus, try to give her the warmest smile you can form.

Follow Yasmine on Instagram @yasmiiinne (3 "i's", 2 "n's")

SGCC Officer picture

Student Trustee
Sawyer Chrisman

SGCC Officer picture

Samuel Ortega

Say Kon'nichiwa to Sam! (a different one lol).

Samuel Ortega is a Computer Science major and fittingly sits on our Technology Resources committee. He's been a part of the SGCC since the Fall 2016 semester. Since there are, now, two Sams, we call this one SamO.

What do you love about being in the SGCC SamO? "Personally, as a part of the SGCC, I'm happy that I can help out my fellow students and work towards making changes that'll hopefully benefit everyone." That's very valiant, SamO.

His future plans are simple, to graduate and put his major to good use. Well said, I'm sure they will.

"A few fun facts about me are that I'm a huge fan of The Office and like to play soccer on the weekends. I'm the oldest of three children and twins run in my family, since I have twin sisters, uncles, and cousins. I also have two dogs, a German Shepherd and a Yorkie. They occasionally get jealous of each other but we make it work." I love The Office dude! We have to talk about it sometime and man, that's a lot of twins.

*Follow SamO on Instagram @get_sampled

SGCC Officer picture

Michael Skipworth

Say Hola Michael!!

Michael Skipworth is another one of our dedicated Senators. Currently going for a Psychology major, this is his second semester with us in the SGCC as well as his second semester at Cerro Coso. Michael works at the Ridgecrest Gymnastics Academy and actually teaches the boys team.

When asked what he likes about being apart of the SGCC, Michael warmly replied, "I love the people and the enthusiasm about helping to improve student life." Aw Skippy, that's so sweet. His future plans include transferring to a UCLA or USC for neuroscience.

His fun fact is that humans share 50% similar DNA with bananas. :o Fo' real!?! That's crazy, one might even say it's 'bananas'!

*Follow Michael on Instagram @skippidywholock

SGCC Documents

SGCC Constititution

Shared Governance

Cerro Coso practices Shared Governance, allowing all members of the college community to be represented in governance bodies. Specific Shared Governance Teams have student representative spots available. Those teams are: Accreditation Steering Committee, Budget Development Committee, Facilities Committee, Professional Development Committee, Program Review Committee, Safety and Security Committee, Outcome Assessment Committee, Student Success and Support Council, and Technology Resource Team. The SGCC is also represented by 2 members on the College Council, which has the responsibility for the integration of planning for the long-term direction of the college, which includes decisions regarding programs, facilities, financial planning, staffing, and organizational development. To become a student team member contact the Student Activities Office at (760) 384-6353.

District Representatives

Section 72023.5 of the Education Code provides for a student to be a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees. The associated student body selects a student to serve as members of a District Steering Committee. This committee considers issues and concerns of the district representative and advises the student member of the Board of Trustees who will chair the District Steering Committee. Student members are chosen during April and commence the term of office at the first meeting in June. Any replacements for student representatives will be made by the associated student body. To be eligible a student must be in good standing with their college. District employees, other than student employees, are ineligible.

State Representatives

The California Community College State Chancellor's Office has various advisory committees that are made up of representatives from community colleges statewide. On each committee there are positions for student representation. If you are interested in being a representative contact the Student Activities Office at (760) 384-6353.

Kern Community College District