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SGCC Officers 2019-2020

Student Government of Cerro Coso

The Student Government of Cerro Coso (SGCC), is the official student organization, with membership open to all students. The SGCC, through its governing body the Student Senate, promotes the Student Activities Program at Cerro Coso. A system of self-government has been established by which the students, through democratic action, formulate and execute policies and programs and prepare the student body's financial budget..

Cerro Coso Community College students can purchase a Coyote Card sticker each semester at the time of registration. The Coyote Card sticker is placed on each students identification card. These funds support the Student Activities Program which benefits the college and contributes to the welfare of all students. Possession of a Coyote Card sticker may qualify an individual to serve as a club representative or a student Senator, to hold office, to join college student organizations, and to receive student discounts at various merchants in the community. Members are also entitled to reduced or free admission to various on-campus and off-campus events sponsored by the SGCC.

Mission: The mission of the SGCC, in order to promote a harmonious environment, is to create an interactive atmosphere and immersive culture by providing student-oriented services, opportunities for involvement, and increased campus accessibility.

Objectives: The objectives of the SGCC are to represent our fellow students of Cerro Coso; uphold the constitution created by them; inspire, serve, and lead; and to make a beneficial impact within the community.

Are you interested in getting involved?

Make your voice heard!

Positions are available on the Student Senate of Cerro Coso and we want you to fill them!

The mission of the Cerro Coso Senate is to connect the student population to the Executive Board, assist the Student Government as a whole, and to make positive contributions toward college committees and is a great way to get involved in student life on campus. We hope to hear from you, and look forward to working with you to make Student Life at Cerro Coso the best it can be!

For More Information:

  • Attend SGCC General Session on the first Tuesday of each month, 12:30-1:30, in MB 218, at the Ridgecrest Campus. All Students are Invited to Attend!
  • Call the SGCC at 760-384-6353

Students with further questions on how to participate in the SGCC, or for more information may call the Student Activities Office at 760-384-6353. Students at campus sites or centers may contact their local administrator.

The SGCC welcomes anyone who wishes to get involved. To contact the Student Activities Office call 760-384-6353. We will advise you in how to participate in clubs, events, or anything part of student life. We need you to help enrich the student atmosphere, so join an activity and share your insight and creativity. Do not worry, no experience is necessary.

Meet Your SGCC Officers

SGCC Officer picture

Sawyer Chrisman

SGCC Officer picture

Vice President
Justine Wagner

SGCC Officer picture

Chandler McCauley

Hey! Yep, my name is Chandler and I'm the Cerro Coso Student Govt. Secretary. Aside from having this pretty sick position, I am also studying as a nursing major and plan to attend a BSN program in the 2020 fall semester. As for why I wanted to be involved with the student government, I gotta say that it gives me the chance to participate in making decisions that affect how our college is run and how our lives as students could be made better. In addition, I get to see how the events that the Student Govt. hosts help fellow students. Also there are a lot of pretty bomb students that I get to interact with so that's a pretty big plus too. Now to get to know me a little, during my free time, I'm either at my job as a lifeguard at the base outdoor pool or getting outdoors and definitely out of the scorching heat of RC. I like to rock climb, fish, hit the beach, and play some spikeball (probably one of the best games ever). Apart from this last part sounding a little like a cheesy tinder bio, I hope this year is poppen. See ya around campus!

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Finance Manager
Jacob Kelley

Hey guys! My name is Jacob Kelley and I will be your new Finance Manager! (Aka treasurer) I plan to study math at Coso and transfer to a four year university studying Mechanical Engineering. Besides being a part of student government, I am also involved in Phi Theta Kappa, Veterans Club, and Game On Club. In my free time I enjoy running in the mornings (it's too hot later in the day yo), watching Netflix, and reading some Hobbit or Wings of Fire depending on my mood. I can't wait for what this year has in store for us!!

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Communications Officer
Rachel Quan

Studying Liberal Arts at CC with intent to transfer to study Photography/Film

I’m involved in SGCC to gain experience with skills in photography/film, public relations, and work towards benefiting my school and community.

I don’t usually have a lot of spare time since I’m either working or doing schoolwork, but I enjoy traveling and spending time with people! I’m always down to try new things!

SGCC Officer picture

Event Coordinator
Yonatan Escoto

SGCC Documents

SGCC Constititution

Shared Governance

Cerro Coso practices Shared Governance, allowing all members of the college community to be represented in governance bodies. Specific Shared Governance Teams have student representative spots available. Those teams are: Accreditation Steering Committee, Budget Development Committee, Facilities Committee, Professional Development Committee, Program Review Committee, Safety and Security Committee, Outcome Assessment Committee, Student Success and Support Council, and Technology Resource Team. The SGCC is also represented by 2 members on the College Council, which has the responsibility for the integration of planning for the long-term direction of the college, which includes decisions regarding programs, facilities, financial planning, staffing, and organizational development. To become a student team member contact the Student Activities Office at (760) 384-6353.

District Representatives

Section 72023.5 of the Education Code provides for a student to be a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees. The associated student body selects a student to serve as members of a District Steering Committee. This committee considers issues and concerns of the district representative and advises the student member of the Board of Trustees who will chair the District Steering Committee. Student members are chosen during April and commence the term of office at the first meeting in June. Any replacements for student representatives will be made by the associated student body. To be eligible a student must be in good standing with their college. District employees, other than student employees, are ineligible.

State Representatives

The California Community College State Chancellor's Office has various advisory committees that are made up of representatives from community colleges statewide. On each committee there are positions for student representation. If you are interested in being a representative contact the Student Activities Office at (760) 384-6353.

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