Cerro Coso Community College

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SGCC Elections

General Election: The SGCC will hold a General Election every Spring Semester to elect its Officers and Senators. All members of the Student Body have the right to vote in General Elections.

Election Timeline

  • Nominations | February 24-March 1
  • Campaigning | March 6-15
  • Voting | March 16-28 EXTENDED TO APRIL 3

Electronic Voting

Elections will be held via electronic means. Accommodations will be made to make voting as easy and accessible as possible.

The polls will be open from 8:00am Pacific Time Monday, March 16 until 11:59pm Pacific Time Friday, April 3.

Vote for one in each category. You may only vote once. Vote here.

You must be logged into the form (using the Federated Log In link) to use the form. If the form says you have already voted when you haven't, log out of the computer and log back in and try again.

Candidate Statements


Ali Mohamed

Hello! My name is Ali Mohamed and I am running for your Student Government President. I believe that as your new Student Government President I will unite the campus and make sure every student gets the full college experience.

Vice President

Bryce Amster

As someone who has a history in student leadership and activities, I am very eager to continue such work for Cerro Coso. In the past I have served in both Burroughs High School and local programs, in which I obtained a great deal of experience in leadership and project planning. As the Vice President for Cerro Coso, my goal is to increase the involvement in student government activities and ensure that all voices are heard and considered.

Finance Manager

Coby Roberts

I believe I would be able to efficiently handle the finances of student government in order to facilitate more events. Plus, I'm the best option.

Communications Officer

Isabelle Morgan

My name is Isabelle Morgan and I am running for the position of communication officer. I am outgoing and friendly and look forward to publicizing and spreading the word about the happenings in our student government.

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