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Cerro Coso Community College

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SGCC Elections

General Election: The SGCC will hold a General Election every Spring Semester to elect its Officers and Senators. All members of the Student Body have the right to vote in General Elections.

Time Limits: Nominations shall be open for no less than one week and no more than three weeks. Voting will be open for a minimum of two (2) and no more than five (5) full days with results to be made public on the school day after the election unless circumstances require otherwise.

2019-2019 Elections

Electronic Voting

Elections will be held via electronic means. Accommodations will be made to make voting as easy and accessible as possible.

The polls will be open from 8:00am Pacific Time Monday, April 16 until 11:59pm Pacific Time Thursday, April 19.

Vote for one in each category. You may only vote once. Vote here.

For Faculty of the Year, CC Online and Ridgecrest students can vote online. ESCC and KRV are deciding locally. Contact your local campus staff for more information.

You must be logged into the form (using the Federated Log In link) to use the form. If the form says you have already voted when you haven't, log out of the computer and log back in and try again.

Candidate Statements


Subber Dhillon

Hello everyone! My name is Subber Dhillon and I am running for Student Government President. Although this is only my second semester at Cerro Coso, I’ve developed a strong connection to the school and its students; being a part of the SGCC has played a major role in that. Throughout my life, I have always had a passion for leadership and because of this, I held countless officer positions such as Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, during my high school career. Additionally, for the past semester and a half, I was the Secretary of the SGCC Senate and was given the opportunity to work closely with many members of the executive board. Seeing how much they cared about improving campus life, and making the voices of Cerro Coso known, made me realize how badly I wanted to do the same. Joining the Senate further solidified my passion for helping the community and also inspired me to seize the opportunity to do something bigger than myself. That is my motivation for running for running for president. By being in this position, I’ll have the platform to represent you all and make a difference for the better. I can’t wait to do just that.

Vice President

Nadia Khatib

My name is Nadia Khatib and I am currently a senator in SGCC and I have completed two semesters as a senator. The aspect that caught my eye most about student government is their desire to foster a positive environment for the students with their emphasis on improving student life. In providing services and events to the student body, I will make it my utmost priority to listen and surface the concerns and needs of the students . During my first year at Cerro Coso, I was able to see the diversity of our campus being harnessed.  I love working alongside a diverse group of talented individuals and I hope to promote a surrounding where diversity is celebrated.Our current SGCC e-board has paved the way for facilitating an encouraging environment and as Vice President I hope to continue that and surpass any expectations.


Blake Sarrett

I wish to be elected as the secretary of the Student Government's executive board because I believe it is a great opportunity for me to serve the students of Cerro Coso. Additionally, as the secretary of the executive board, I will ensure that all students have access to all the agenda minutes that takes place during executive board meetings.

Finance Manager

Susana Ramirez

I would like to be elected for this position because I loved being part of student government and I like the responsibilities this positions can give me. It think the students should vote for me because I want to help out the campus and make sure the students have a great campus life. I will be able to collaborate with the student government and all together will come up with ways to improve student life on campus.

Communications Officer

Steven Kleeger

I am running for this position again because I like getting the word about things out to people in a fun way.  I enjoy working the people I collaborate with and am comfortable in my position currently.

Event Coordinator

Yasmine Ramos

As Event Coordinator I plan to create an environment through events that provides us students with a sense of community and can spread morale in between our studies!

Student Trustee

Sawyer Chrisman

I want to be elected to serve as a connection between the students at the three colleges and the board of trustees. Students should vote for me because I believe that I can benefit the students with the new information I gather and try to make everyone informed about what going on in the KCCD Board of Trustees meetings.

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