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The Student Government of Cerro Coso (SGCC), is the official student organization, with membership open to all students. The SGCC, through its governing body the Student Senate, promotes the Student Activities Program at Cerro Coso. A system of self-government has been established by which the students, through democratic action, formulate and execute policies and programs and prepare the student body's financial budget..

Cerro Coso Community College students can purchase an ASB Sticker each semester at the time of registration. The ASB Sticker is placed on each students identification card. These funds support the Student Activities Program which benefits the college and contributes to the welfare of all students. Possession of an ASB Sticker may qualify an individual to serve as a club representative or a student Senator, to hold office, to join college student organizations, and to receive student discounts at various merchants in the community.

Mission: The mission of the SGCC, in order to promote a harmonious environment, is to create an interactive atmosphere and immersive culture by providing student-oriented services, opportunities for involvement, and increased campus accessibility.

Objectives: The objectives of the SGCC are to represent our fellow students of Cerro Coso; uphold the constitution created by them; inspire, serve, and lead; and to make a beneficial impact within the community.

Meet Your SGCC Officers

Fatima Chavez Gomez

Fatima Chavez Gomez | President

Hi everyone! My name is Fatima Chavez Gomez and I am your student government president! I first joined student government last year as vice-president to get an experience in leadership and at the end I felt very passionate about it so I decided to join another year as president. I’m currently majoring in history and I am planning to transfer to a 4-year university next fall to continue with that field of study. My hobbies consists of drawing/painting, listening to music, and meeting new people! I look forward to making this an exciting year as well as an unforgettable year for students in our campuses.

Garrett Wilkinson

Garrett Wilkinson | Vice President

Salutations students, my name is Garrett Wilkinson and I am currently serving my first term as your events coordinator. I am majoring in IT and wil (hopefully) l be transferring to University of Nevada Reno to study computer science and engineering in Fall of 2024. My hobbies include reading, drawing and, of course, video games. This is currently my fifth semester at Cerro Coso, starting in Fall of 2021. When I first started at Cerro Coso, activity on campus was dead. I could sit in the LRC for hours and be the only student the whole time. In the years since, I have observed an incredible resurgence of on-campus activity. As events coordinator, I hope to further improve student participation, particularly at scheduled events. The position also can’t hurt my résumé.

Crystal Padron

Crystal Padron | Secretary

Hello fellow students! My name is Crystal Padron, and I am currently serving my second term as SGCC Secretary and the Student Government Representative for Phi Theta Kappa. As a 100% online Business major, I joined student government to get more involved with Cerro Coso and also help work towards positive changes on and off campus. I am a returning college student and wanted to take the opportunity to do things I wish I previously would have done, such as joining a club. My passion for helping others led me to this position, and I hope to contribute to shaping our school's culture. Some fun facts about me are that I am a first-generation college student, a mom to a five-year-old boy, I'm bilingual in Spanish, and I live in little ole' California City. Even though I am an online student, I have attended several on-campus events and have had the opportunity to meet professors and fellow students. I hope to inspire other students to actively participate and get involved with Cerro Coso Student Government, regardless of whether they are attending in-person or online.

Genevieve Vogel

Genevieve Vogel | Finance Officer

My name is Genevieve Vogel, and I am your student government Finance Manager. I am a Cerro Coso freshman and plan to transfer to a four-year university later. I am currently enjoying my second semester here at Coso. My current major is General Science, but I aim to obtain a degree in Nuclear Engineering. I enjoy reading, drawing, hiking, and playing music with my friends when I'm not at college. I joined student government for the leadership skills and lessons and to learn/help out with student life on campus. As student government Finance Manager, I plan to maintain and manage money to allow students to have fun clubs and events to look forward to. I can't wait to see all the fun events students can chill at and bring back student life! 

Victor Zych

Victor Zych | Event Coordinator

Hey everyone! My name is Victor Zych, and I’m your student government Event Coordinator. I joined student government because I really wanted to gain experience in a leadership position. I’m studying medical assisting and planning to finish my prerequisites in order to transfer to a 4-year university. I also love to play video games, read, and go to the gym. I’m excited about this school year, and I can’t wait for what’s to come. 

Wyatt Marvin

Wyatt Marvin | Communications Officer

My name is Wyatt Marvin and I am currently attending my sophomore year here at Cerro Coso and I am currently the communications officer of SGCC. I am employed as a student worker here on campus and have been since the beginning of the Fall-2023 semester. I am currently working towards my web-professional degree and being the communications officer is giving me an opportunity for experience in this field of work along with involvement within the Cerro Coso community. I look forward to working with you and the community!

Participatory Governance

Cerro Coso practices Participatory Governance, allowing all members of the college community to be represented in governance bodies. Specific Participatory Governance Teams have student representative spots available. Those teams are: Accreditation Steering Committee, Budget Development Committee, Facilities Committee, Professional Development Committee, Program Review Committee, Safety and Security Committee, Outcomes Assessment Committee, Student Equity and Acheivement Committee, and Technology Resource Team. The SGCC is also represented by 2 members on the College Council, which has the responsibility for the integration of planning for the long-term direction of the college, which includes decisions regarding programs, facilities, financial planning, staffing, and organizational development. To become a student team member contact Tyson Huffman.

District Representatives

Section 72023.5 of the Education Code provides for a student to be a non-voting member of the Board of Trustees. The associated student body selects a student to serve as members of a District Steering Committee. This committee considers issues and concerns of the district representative and advises the student member of the Board of Trustees who will chair the District Steering Committee. Student members are chosen during April and commence the term of office at the first meeting in June. Any replacements for student representatives will be made by the associated student body. To be eligible a student must be in good standing with their college. District employees, other than student employees, are ineligible.

State Representatives

The California Community College State Chancellor's Office has various advisory committees that are made up of representatives from community colleges statewide. On each committee there are positions for student representation. If you are interested in being a representative contact Tyson Huffman.

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