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College is better with connections. Whether you are looking to join a club or just looking to have a conversation with someone, engage as much or as little as you'd like.


Pronto is a communication tool that is comparable to Messenger or WhatsApp. Within Pronto you can join groups by entering a group code. Student groups on campus use pronto groups to talk to friends, collaborate on projects, organize campus activities, and much more. If you haven't joined a group yet, consider adding the Associated Student Body group by entering group code BFKG3L. Log into Pronto using your student email address and password. This tool is also available within Canvas and many courses utilize this tool for classroom discussion and sharing of information.

Download from your app store → Pronto Team Communication: Android App (Google) | iOS App (Apple)

Pronto is a real-time messaging app that empowers you to communicate more effectively and have fun doing it. The beautiful, thoughtful interface is clean and simple, while packed with features like real-time messaging, video chat, task management, announcements, and instant language translation.


  • Every message sent in Pronto is private and closed to your organization, enabling you to confidently share important information and files safely. Control your security by customizing organization roles and group permissions.


  • No messy conferencing links or emails, just simply tap the camera icon in the upper right corner to connect instantly in a live video session with a single colleague or an entire group in a beautiful full-featured live meeting interface optimized for your mobile device.


  • Create, assign, and track tasks for individuals or teams, complete with due dates, reminders, file attachments, notes, and intelligent notifications.


  • Send out important one-way announcements to your entire organization or to select groups. Announcements show at the top of everyone's screens until they are read, so they are impossible to miss.


  • No more wondering or hoping if a member of your team has opened or read an email or text message. Pronto shows you who has seen your messages.


  • Stop copying and pasting text into a translation app. Pronto automatically detects a message's language and can instantly translate it from over 100 languages. Have a full, real-time text conversation without worrying about the language being spoken on the other side.


  • Be human with reactions and a huge library of easy-to-access GIFs.


  • Set notifications preferences at the team level to ensure that you're notified with the most important message come in... or not notified of messages that aren't critical to you in your role.


The Cerro Coso Community College Discord Server is a virtual space for students to congregate, play games, as questions about Cerro Coso and get help from other students and or college staff. The server is still growing and evolving - if there is something you'd like to see there, please submit your suggestions.

  1. Join the server using this invite link:
  2. From the Select your Roles channel, be sure to select roles appropriate for you. Also, if you'd like to be notified for other event/interests, select applicable emotes.


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