Jan Moline

Jan Moline

Counselor, Professor of Counseling
1991 Cerro Coso Graduate

Cerro Coso Professor of Counseling and Counselor Jan Moline shares her personal story with students to encourage and motivate them to utilize the resources around them to help them succeed.

As a child, Jan struggled to understand why school was so difficult academically, emotionally, and physically. Her path in life seemed set and it would be a difficult one. When Jan enrolled in college classes at Cerro Coso Community College she set out to become an electronics engineer. The Special Services Department at the College diagnosed Jan with a learning disability. "I was actually relieved to discover there was a learning problem." She wasn't "stupid" or "lazy", she just didn't learn in the typical manner.

Once diagnosed with a learning disability, Jan was taught strategies to help her learn. Jan was surprised by the number of resources available to her, and in turn learned she, too, was quite resourceful. Borrowing books, making friends, and carpooling were just a few ways Jan used to make it all work. Life has not always been easy but she has discovered that"helping others helped her." So... Jan changed her major and set out to complete her education.

What started out looking hopeless has turned into a journey of self-discovery. Grateful for the assistance she received, Jan uses her life experiences to show others how the many resources available can help them achieve their life goals. Her inspiring story proves obstacles can be overcome.

Jan is a counselor at Cerro Coso advising and helping students to succeed in college. She serves as Chair of the Counseling Department and enjoys teaching counseling, psychology, and sociology classes in the summer. She holds an Associate of Arts Degree from Cerro Coso Community College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from California State, Bakersfield. Jan is currently working on an Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership from North-central University in Arizona.

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