David Winchester

David Winchester

Associate Site Manager
2005 Cerro Coso Graduate

Ever wonder what your fellow students have been up to? Today David Winchester and Christopher Avery resurface in the midst of an ambitious project: Kickstarting a comic book, and they need your help. Back in 2004 David was working on his AS in digital animation and Chris was just wrapping up his degree to transfer to Berkeley, when they started writing The Wardenclyffe Horror. Though they have taken advantage of the intervening years to refine the writing, the premise is the same: Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain star in a horror story that explores what happens when fringe science goes horribly wrong; the whole thing falls squarely into Lovecraft's purview, as our heroes struggle to overcome evil from beyond space and time.

If you are interested in seeing this project succeed then please spread the word to those you think might be interested in this project, or pledge a few dollars to help it reach fruition. As with all Kickstarter projects, if it fails to reach its funding goal, no one will be charged anything.

Though David still works on creative projects, he has also spent several years fixing wind turbines in southern California before being recently promoted to Associate Site Manager for NextEra's Northern Colorado wind site, a 160MW wind farm, out in the northeast corner of the state near Peetz, CO.

David blogs regularly at caffeineforge.com , and can be reached at caffeineforge@gmail.com.

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