I Have Learned So Much

Letia Bogan

Letia Bogan

Class of 2019/20

Meet Letia Bogan, a Cerro Coso graduate in 2019 AND 2020. Letia received her Associate Degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities in 2019, and then went on to complete a certificate in Information Technology in 2020. After graduation plans last year got thrown off due to COVID restrictions, Letia was finally able to walk across the stage for Cerro Coso's May 2021 graduation ceremony!

Letia has been a proud member of the UMOJA Club at Cerro Coso, a community dedicated to enhancing the cultural and educational experiences of African Americans and other students. She has met so many new people and learned a great deal about the significance of HBCU's (historically black colleges & universities). These experiences have greatly enriched her academic journey.

She is also grateful to Cerro Coso employees Penny Talley and Heather Ostash, both of whom have supported Letia in her endeavors over the past few years.

Letia says, “It's been a joy going to this college because I have learned so much. The counselors are great with helping me whenever I need it. UMOJA is such a good way to learn new things about HBCU's. I got my first Degree in Liberal Arts and Humanities. I did get my certificate in IT and am about to get my degree as well!”

Letia might be an alumnus of Cerro Coso, but she has found the experience so valuable that she is continuing to seek a degree in Information Technology and hopes to complete this additional degree in May 2022.

We cannot wait to see what great things she achieves in life!

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