Cerro Coso Prepared Me for a World I Never Knew Existed!

Dianne Tolliver

Author, motivational speaker, owner, and president of Revitalize Now, LLC., Dianne Tolliver was the 2019 Distinguished Alumni Speaker. A 1978 graduate of Cerro Coso, Tolliver shared a few thoughts regarding the ways Cerro Coso prepared her for a successful career in corporate America. “The staff at Cerro Coso challenged me to find my passion, go outside my comfort zone, take calculated risks, embrace the value of education, and believe in myself,” she said.

Tolliver grew up in Ridgecrest as Dianne Butler and graduated from Burroughs High School and Cerro Coso (1978).

“Growing up in a somewhat ‘sheltered community,' I decided to attend Cerro Coso before moving away to complete my bachelor's degree. At age eight, the Cerro Coso counselors and professors began to encourage me and ‘stretch my vision' as I dreamed about my future. I boldly accepted new challenges. I participated in essay contests and various events which took me to the floor of the California Assembly and Senate, and board rooms of Southern California Edison and the Bank of America,” said Tolliver. “Bottom line…Cerro Coso prepared me for a world I never knew existed.”

Tolliver's diverse professional career spans over 30 years. She was a Senior Vice President for Growth and Innovation at Engineering Solutions and Products, LLC. Prior to that she served as Vice President at L-3 Communications, and Senior Vice President at S.A.I.C. and Director of the Government Contract Support Center. While at S.A.I.C. she received two separate CEO Achievement Awards for Excellence. Before S.A.I.C., she served as Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Program Operations at Boeing Information Services.

Today she is an author, industry recognized motivational speaker, change agent, leadership coach, facilitator, owner and president of Revitalize Now, LLC, based in Oakton, Virginia.

In addition to her degree from Cerro Coso Community College, Tolliver holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge, a Master of Science in Public Administration from California State University, Bakersfield, and holds a number of certifications.

“Thank you, Cerro Coso for preparing me for my journey. I will forever be grateful,” she concluded.

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