Information Technology: Cloud Computing Certificate

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What can I do with this?

The Information Technology: Cloud Computing Certificate

  • Provides students with understanding of cloud environments and cloud support principles and configurations that are commonly used in the industry.
  • Prepares students to transition traditional technology architectures to a cloud platform.
  • Prepares students for careers in the cloud computing area and to enter the workforce as a cloud system administrator, cloud technician, cloud architect, and cloud security officer.
  • Prepares students to transfer to a Baccalaureate program in Computer Information Systems, Management Information Systems or related programs.

You can use this to:

  • Earn a two-year Associates degree.
  • Enhance career opportunities as a:
    • Cloud System Administrator
    • Cloud Technician
    • Cloud Architect
    • Cloud Security Officer

As technology advances, computer specialists are in more demand than ever before. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the computer information systems profession will grow at a faster than average rate through 2020, by 22 percent.

What will I learn?

  • Apply support strategies in client computing and user support, including the ability to configure, install, diagnose, and support hardware and software issues.
  • Design, implement, test, and debug a program that uses each of the following fundamental programming constructs: basic computation, simple input/output, standard conditional and iterative structures, and functions.
  • Design, analyze, and support computer networks.
  • Optimize technology infrastructure that has been migrated from an on-premise environment to a cloud platform.
  • Describe existing and emerging technologies and their impact on organizations and society.
  • Compare and contrast different cloud networking services.

What courses do I take?

Note: Some courses within the major may have a required prerequisite. If you feel you have equivalent knowledge and skills to those included in the prerequisite course through professional experience, licensure, or certification, you have the opportunity to submit a Prerequisite Challenge to be reviewed by the faculty chair. For the Prerequisite Challenge to be considered, you must submit documentation/verification to substantiate the basis for the challenge. Please consult a counselor for more information regarding Prerequisite Challenge.

Complete all of the following courses:

C-ID: BUS 140 Business Information Systems, ITIS 120 Computer Information Systems

Advisory: ENGL C101

36 hours lecture/54 hours laboratory. This course is an examination of information systems and their role in business. The course focuses on information systems, database management systems, networking, e-commerce, ethics and security, computer systems hardware, and software components.

C-ID: ITIS 110 Information & Communication Technology Essentials

Advisory: IT C101

54 hours lecture/54 hours laboratory. This course provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professionals. The fundamentals of computer hardware and software as well as advanced concepts such as security, networking, and the responsibilities of an ICT professional are introduced. This course prepares students for the CompTIA's A+ certification exam.

C-ID: ITIS 150 Computer Network Fundamentals

Advisory: IT C142 or 1 year equivalent building and/or maintaining computer systems which includes setting up equipment, installing software and repairing. Additional experience in setting up computers on a network is needed.

36 hours lecture/54 hours laboratory. This course introduces the architecture, structure, functions, components, and models of the Internet and other computer networks. The principles and structure of IP (Internet Protocol) addressing and the fundamentals of Ethernet concepts, media, and operations are introduced to provide a foundation for further study of computer networks. It uses the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) layered models to examine the nature and roles of protocols and services at the application, network, data link, and physical layers. This course prepares students for the current version of CompTIA's Network+ certification exam.

C-ID ITIS 155 Systems and Network Administration

Prerequisite: IT C101. Advisory: IT C143

36 hours lecture/54 hours laboratory. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills required to build, maintain, troubleshoot and support server hardware and software technologies. Topics include environmental issues, disaster recovery and physical / software security procedures, industry terminology and concepts, server roles / specializations, and interaction within the overall computing environment. This course prepares students for the current version of CompTIA's Server+ certification exam.

C-ID ITIS 130 Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies

Prerequisite: IT C101

36 hours lecture/54 hours laboratory. This course is an introduction to the fundamental concepts and models of application development including the basic concepts of program design, data structures, programming, problem solving, programming logic, and fundamental design techniques for event-driven programs. Students receive hands-on experience with a modern application programming language and development platform.

Prerequisite: IT C101. Advisory IT C142, IT C143

36 hours lecture/54 hours laboratory. This course provides introductory skills in cloud computing. It is aligned with the CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ certification and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF).

Prerequisite: IT C280

27 hours lecture/54 hours laboratory. This course is designed to prepare students for a career as a cloud architect. Students learn architectural principles and services of cloud platforms, and design and deploy highly scalable, fault-tolerant services. This course is aligned with AWS Cloud Architecture Associate Certification.

    Program Pathways

    All classes needed for this certificate are available at the following campuses: CC Online

    See Counseling for specific help with enrolling and completing this major.

    How can I afford it?

    This certificate requires 19.0 units and will likely take 2 semesters.

    Approximate Total Costs

    CA Residents

    22.0 units

    at $46 per unit

    Equals $1,012 in tuition and fees

    Plus approximately $1,320* for books and supplies

    Total cost $2,332 for 2 semesters


    22.0 units

    at $275 per unit

    Equals $6,050 in tuition and fees

    Plus approximately $1,320* for books and supplies

    Total cost $7,370 for 2 semesters

    *This is an estimate. Actual costs will vary.

    Need help? Financial Aid can help with fee waivers and scholarships and other aid. Make sure to fill out your FAFSA every January.