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Cerro Coso Promise

Joining the Movement

Cerro Coso is excited to join the national College Promise movement and help our communities succeed with accessible and affordable education!

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The Cerro Coso Promise is our belief that hard-working, dedicated students deserve an education, regardless of financial or personal status. By meeting basic criteria, students will qualify for Cerro Coso Promise scholarships that help with tuition, books, and fees.

The Cerro Coso Promise focuses on five key goals:

  1. Increase college attendance directly from high school
  2. Increase college-ready placement in Math and English
  3. Improve Associate's degree and certificate attainment
  4. Improve transfer rates
  5. Increase Bachelor's degree attainment

Meeting the Need

Cerro Coso Student

Education is expensive. Tuition for four-year schools has risen dramatically in the last decade. At the same time, competition for seats in the classroom has grown while specific majors get more and more impacted. For high school juniors and seniors, the landscape is fierce and daunting.

Community college was always meant to ease the transition from K-12 into four-year or vocational programs. The Cerro Coso Promise is an extension of that mission, not only softening the financial blow, but helping place hard-working students where they belong: in top-tier programs statewide.

We have also seen certain areas of our communities struggle to bridge the gap caused by income inequality, language barriers, and cultural challenges. Year-after-year, students who deserve more don’t achieve their potential.

The Cerro Coso Promise is our commitment to helping those willing to work hard reach their full potential. We want to inspire them early on to achieve the height of their potential. And we want to shepherd them along a successful educational path.

Stay Tuned

Cerro Coso Student Welding

Cerro Coso Community College is the recent recipient of the California College Promise Innovation Grant, along with partners in the Kern Community College District. With this money, we are able to focus on the Cerro Coso Promise – developing and promoting it – so that it benefits our East Kern region.

We will continue to update our information as we decide on specific criteria, the process for application, what the Cerro Coso Promise will pay for, and more. Please continue to check back in and help us make this a successful program for our children, returning students, and our community.

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