Student-Athlete Study Hall

Cerro Coso is committed to the academic success as well as athletic success of our student-athletes. Athletes at Cerro Coso are required to spend time in study hall as a team and as an individual. While in study hall, you will have access to multiple academic support resources. These services will count toward your study hall time, please make use of them. You may also visit the LAC in PE 407 to arrange for a tutor (1-on-1 or group). There you will meet Tyson. Each staff of the LAC can assist in providing the information you are looking for - if not, they can send you in the right direction.

General Rules of Study Hall

  • Come with material to study - Yes, everyone has something they can study
  • Your homework may be finished, but studying is never finished
  • Bring headphones - computer speakers are not to be used for music or videos
    • Videos should be geared toward academics
  • If you are working with others, please keep your volume at a reasonable level.
  • If you don't understand something, please visit a tutor in the LAC or a professor in the math and writing lab

Study hall is an opportunity to improve - do not waste this time. This is not time to be spent on catching up on Facebook, watching YouTube videos (unless related to course content), or watching sports games. If used wisely, study hall will make a difference in your academic outcomes.

When attending study hall, please be sure to check in and out of the computer in PE 407 . This will track your time spent in study hall. Forgetting to log out will result in 1 minute spent in study hall, regardless of how much time you have spent. Do not forget.