GED Preparation Course

Prep for the GED Exam is an open-enrollment course, meaning it can be added any time in the semester, as late as week 10. The course is facilitated through online learning software called PLATO and is accessible entirely online. The course is a go-at-your-own pace course. Study more, learn more, and pass the GED Exam. EDUC C805 - Preparation for the GED Exam is offered every Fall and Spring semester for FREE.

To add EDUC C805 and begin studying:

  1. Complete the college application. Take note of your:
    1. password
    2. email address (
    3. student ID number (@00######)
  2. Visit your student portal
    1. Click the tab at the top left that says “MyBanWeb” and Select “Add or Drop Classes”.
    2. Select the appropriate semester.
      1. Fall begins in August and the last date to enroll is in November.
      2. Spring begins in January and the last date to enroll is in April.
    3. Add EDUC C805 - Preparation for the GED Exam: CRN 33952
  3. Once the course has been added, you will see it in your portal under “My Courses”. There may be a lag time for this course to be added to your portal.
  4. When you see the course, click it. You will be directed to our online learning platform, Canvas.
  5. Once in Canvas, watch the video and follow the directions on the home screen.

GED Testing Information

To enroll to take the exam:

  1. Register to take the exam at
    • Type GED in the box provided and select GED Test
    • If you do not already have an account, create one.
  2. Click the button stating that you understand the passing score of 145.
  3. Finally, Click the “schedule test” tab at the top of the screen and answer the subsequent questions.
  4. Select the test(s) you would like to take.
  5. Select the testing center that is most convenient to you.
  6. Select the date and time that you would like to take the exam(s)

If you have questions regarding this course, please contact Tyson Huffman