Learning Assistance Center (LAC)

Introduction to the LAC

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) strives to offer learning support services focused on you and your educational endeavors at Cerro Coso Community College. The LAC offers programs such as Peer Tutoring, Math and Writing Labs, Embedded Tutoring, and STAR-CA/NetTutor to support you wherever you are. Most of our services are available on campus or online. If you have any questions about our services, please connect with us at LAC@cerrocoso.edu.


Please consider adding the LAC to your Canvas dashboard. By adding the course to your dashboard you will gain access to NetTutor and STAR-CA. You will not be able to access these services without adding this course - don't worry, it's completely free.

Peer Tutoring is an appointment-based program designed to support your study habits and use of study strategies to effectively learn course material. Improve your learning by working with a peer tutor. peer tutoring can be requested at the Request an Appointment with a Tutor page in Canvas.

Students are allowed up to 2 hours of tutoring per week, per class. Typically, students are scheduled 1-hour on two days during the week; however, students may request a single 2-hour appointment if helpful for scheduling (though two sessions per week would be better for retention and focus during your sessions).

Math and Writing Labs

The Math and Writing Labs are spaces where you'll find faculty and staff, ready to help you to learn. Spend time studying in a lab, ask questions as you have them, and meet other students who are working on similar assignments. The labs are places where students go to grow. You don't need an appointment, just join and start working. If joining a lab on campus, don't forget to check in at your Learning Resource Center kiosk. Simply enter your student ID number and select "Math and Writing Lab" followed by the subject for which you are seeking assistance.

STAR-CA / NetTutor

STAR-CA is an online tutoring program that matches Cerro Coso students with live, drop-in tutoring sessions with peer tutors located at community colleges across the state.

Online tutoring through NetTutor is available 24 hours per day (for many subjects). This is an excellent option for students who are unable to attend tutoring in person or online during the college's hours of operation. Also, NetTutor provides support for paper drop-off and question drop-off.

To access STAR-CA/NetTutor from the Learning Assistance Center Canvas Page, ensure you have first added the LAC Canvas page to you dashboard. Joining the course is completely free, but this step is necessary to access STAR-CA and NetTutor. Once added, you'll be able to access STAR-CA / NetTutor via the link on the course navigation at the left of your Canvas window.

Embedded Tutoring

Embedded Tutoring is a program that places one or more peer tutors in a class to support student learning and guide students toward becoming more effective students. Embedded tutors are placed into classrooms by recommendation from your professor. All embedded tutors have taken and been successful in the class(es) they are working in. Here are some great ways to make use of this program:

    1. Attend | Add your embedded tutor's workshop dates and times to your calendar and attend.
    2. Ask the question | Take note of questions or issues you're having and connect with your embedded tutor. Odds are that if you have a question, you are not alone.
    3. Build Community | Attend workshops even when you do not have questions. Your peers have good questions that you may not have thought or challenges that you might have insight on. workshops sessions are great opportunities to share your understanding with others as well as an opportunity to learn from others. It's a community - we learn best together.
    4. If it works for you, share it with a friend | Take a friend from class. If you have a friend from class who has not attended workshops, help them find their way. If you've benefited from the service, perhaps others can too.


LAC Staff can be reached via email or zoom where available.

Tyson Huffman
LAC Coordinator
IWV Campus
LAC Tutoring Services Team Lead
Heather Bopp
East Kern
LAC Learning Center Technician
(760) 384-6937

Department Hours

IWV, Ridgecrest | Monday-Thursday, 8am-6pm; Fridays, 8am-12pm

ESCC, Bishop and Mammoth | Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-8pm

EK, Tehachapi | Monday-Thursday, 8am-6pm; Fridays, 8am-12pm

Connect with us!

Join the LAC Front Desk Pronto Group to access the LAC's virtual front desk in Pronto

Or, leave a message for the LAC Coordinator

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