Specific Drop Dates

Drop dates for each class are listed in the schedule of classes. To find the drop dates for a class:

  1. go to the schedule of classes
  2. find the class
  3. find the CRN specifying the exact class and click on it
    detail of Schedule of Classes showing CRN
  4. go to the bottom of the pop-up window to find the drop dates
    Detail of Schedule of Classes pop-up window showing drop dates

The drop dates listed are:

  • Last day to drop with a refund
    This is the deadline to drop and qualify to request a refund. Refunds are not automatic; they must be requested.
  • Last day to drop without a "W"
    This is the deadline to drop and not have an entry in the permanent records or transcripts.
  • Last day to drop with a "W"
    This is the final deadline to drop a class. A "W" (for "withdrawal") will appear on your transcripts

Students are responsible for officially withdrawing from any course or courses in which they no longer wish to be enrolled. Non-attendance does not release the student from this responsibility.

Note: Classes are dropped from the schedule of classes after the final drop date.