Cerro Coso Community College

Coyote Card

The Coyote Card is Cerro Coso Community College’s (CCCC) student ID card. It serves as identification at labs, the library, and events and services on campus. The Coyote Card is FREE, valid for two years, and should be carried at all times while on campus and at campus-sponsored events.

How to Obtain a Coyote Card

Visit the Student Activities Office, Modular 7. Please have your student ID number with you.

Visit the LAC/LRC Center, Room 10. Please have your student ID number with you.

Visit the campus Admissions Office. Please have your student ID number with you.

Using your CCCC student email, send the following information to idcards@cerrocoso.edu

  1. Your name
  2. Student ID number
  3. A picture. In the picture, you cannot be wearing a hat, scarf, bandana, or sunglasses on your head or eyes.
  4. Your date of birth

Your new ID card will be sent to the address we have for you in our college system. Be sure this is up-to-date before requesting your ID card.

Student Discount Program - Coyote Card Sticker (ASB Card)

The Coyote Card Sticker costs $8.00 per semester and is placed on the front of the student's ID card. The sticker entitles the holder to a variety of discounts at the college and membership in the community discount program. The funds are used to support SGCC [link to SGCC page] clubs and activities on campus.

Where to Purchase:

Online:         InsideCC -> Student -> Registration

In-person:    IWV/Ridgecrest Business Office

* Students must have a student ID card to purchase a Coyote Card Sticker

Once a sticker has been purchased, visit or contact the Student Activities office, Modular 7, 760-384-6353 or idcards@cerrocoso.edu. To continue participation in the program, students will need to purchase a new sticker each Fall and Spring semester. Spring semester stickers are valid through the end of the Summer term.

If you have any questions, please call the Student Activities Office at (760) 384-6353.

Coyote Card Sticker Benefits ($8.00 per semester)

  • Free Lectures
  • Reduced Admission to Athletic Events
  • Community Discount Program
    • Offers an assortment of great discounts at local IWV/Ridgecrest and KRV businesses such as: Ridgecrest Cinemas, Cocina Caliente, Little Caesar's, Pizza Factory, Big Bear Blue, and MORE!
    • Merchant Discounts [IWV/Ridgecrest and KRV campus site areas]
      Discounts available to valid coyote card sticker holders only

Coyote Card Sticker purchases support campus clubs, the SGCC Student Senate, lectures and performances, leadership training, and student events and activities.

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