Air Force GEM program

Cerro Coso Community College is proud to partner with the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) for the General Education Mobile (GEM) program.

Cerro Coso's participation in the GEM program enables airmen to complete up to 15 credits of their general education requirements to be applied directly to a student's Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree at CCAF and/or a degree at Cerro Coso Community College. By earning the general education requirements in a block of courses from one institution, students will benefit from greater continuity and be able to complete their degree more quickly. With online courses, students can continue their education without interruption, regardless of whether they go on temporary duty or deploy.

You make sacrifices for our nation. With Cerro Coso Community College, education does not have to be one of them!

Cerro Coso Community College offers these convenient online courses that can satisfy your AAS degree requirements at the Community College of the Air Force. All classes are offered in 8 and 16 week formats, except those designated otherwise.

Written Communication

ENGL C101 Freshman Composition
ENGL C102 Critical Thinking through Literature

Oral Communication

SPCH C101 Elements of Speech


ART C101 Introduction to Art
ART C106 Survey of Western Art from Renaissance to Contemporary
MUSC C101 Music Appreciation
MUSC C118 History of American Pop Music
PHIL C101 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL C141 Ethics
SPAN C101 Elementary Spanish I (8, 12, and 16 week formats)
SPAN C102 Elementary Spanish II (8, 12, and 16 week formats)


MATH C055 Intermediate Algebra
MATH C121 Elementary Probability and Statistics
MATH C121H Elementary Probability and Statistics - Honors
MATH C141 College Algebra
MATH C142 Precalculus: Trigonometry
MATH C151 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
MATH C152 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II
MATH C251 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III
MATH C255 Ordinary Differential Equations (16 weeks only)
MATH C257 Linear Algebra

Social Science

ANTH C111 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH C121 Physical Anthropology
ECON C101 Introduction to Economics
HIST C103 Western Civilization - Antiquity to the Renaissance
HIST C104 Western Civilization - Renaissance to the Modern Era
HIST C131 History of United States I
HIST C132 History of United States from 1877 to Present
POLS C101 American Government
PSYC C101 General Psychology
SOCI C101 Introduction to Sociology

If you are a not yet a student of Cerro Coso Community College, complete the online application.

Once you have filled out the form and obtained a student ID# you have been accepted and are a student at Cerro Community College.

Check the class schedule for your GEM classes. Remember, only the classes listed for the GEM programs are eligible.

Register for classes through insideCC. Pay your fees or see Financial Aid for assistance.

Airmen interested in the GEM program should contact their local base education services office for education counseling / briefing prior to enrolling in courses. Airmen select their GEM school during the Air Force Tuition Assistance application process.

Searching and registering for classes is simple when using the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC). Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Visit AFVEC and view Cerro Coso Community College GEM courses.

Step 2: Visit your local base education office for education counseling to include use of the Air Force Tuition Assistance program. Your base education office will explain how to create an electronic CCAF education goal in the AFVEC.

Step 3: Register for Cerro Coso courses through Admissions and Records. Access AFVEC and click on Apply for Tuition Assistance and select your CCAF goal. Within the application choose "Cerro Coso Community College" as your GEM school. Apply for GI Benefits several weeks in advance, if you plan to use them.

Step 4: Pay for your classes using Air Force Tuition Assistance, GI Bill, etc. See Financial Aid for help.

Your GEM classes will transfer to a civilian degree. At Cerro Coso Community College, many of our degrees can be obtained online.