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Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption Assessments (SOAA)

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Student Success Factor Initiatives

One of the below initiatives were adopted by each department as a best teaching practice to scale out across all sections with the end goal of improving success, retention, and affinity.

  • Student Success Factor Initiative—Connecting Students to Learning Support Services
  • Student Success Factor Initiative—Directed and Focused—Early Communication and Feedback
  • Student Success Factor Initiative—Directed and Focused—Greater Transparency of Expectations

Cross Functional Inquiry Team (CFIT) Resources

  • CFIT Guide
  • Program Pathways CFIT Report Out
  • Communication: Onboarding through Census CFIT
  • Interact Failure to Return Report Summary
  • Communication: Departments & Programs to Increase Affinity and Persistence

Student Participatory Action Resources and Reports

  • Presentation at Classified PD Day
  • Report out

Guided Pathways Resources