Cross Functional Teams

Cross Functional Inquiry Teams (CFIT)

A key component of Guided Pathways is cross-functional inquiry, which is an inclusive and time-intensive process that seeks to intentionally bring the voices of all stakeholders to the table to ask questions, conduct formalized research and inquiry, and design initiatives for improving student equity and achievement across the entire institution.

In 2017, a small group attended the “Leading from the Middle” academy sponsored by the Research and Planning (RP) Group and developed a formal infrastructure for convening small Cross Functional Inquiry Teams (CFIT) to tackle Guided Pathways projects. The CFIT Handbook came out of this work and directs the work of the CFITS.

CFIT Guide

CFIT Progress

  • Clarifying program information on the college website
  • Developing a clear communication plan for students from pre-enrollment to census day to limit attrition
  • Creating a program-by-program plan of nudges and other communications to increase student affinity with their major and keep them on their chosen degree or certificate path
  • Auditing the entire application process to find and eliminate gaps and barriers
  • Convening a meeting of curriculum, counseling, articulation, and office of instruction to chart the steps in implementing new and revised curriculum to reduce unintended impacts on students
  • “Factor Impacting Students” presentation by the SPAR team at the 2019 Classified Professional and Faculty Professional Development days

Future Goals and Projects

  1. Developing and Implementing College-Wide Communication and Marketing Plan
  2. Emphasizing Career Exploration at front end of student experience and program pathways
  3. Explore Pillars 3 and 4: "Staying on the Path" and "Ensure Learning"

Cross Functional Inquiry Team (CFIT) Projects and Members

Program Pathways CFIT (Spring 2019 - Fall 2019)

Missy Gross, Counseling Faculty
Steve Rogers, Math Faculty
Matt Wanta, Allied Health Faculty
Fabian Meneses, Counseling Classified
Corey Marvin, VP Instruction

Communication: Onboarding through Census CFIT (Fall 2019 to Spring 2021)

Julie Cornett, Librarian Faculty
Vivian Baker, Child Development Faculty
Laura Vasquez, English Faculty
Tim Allen, Counseling Faculty
Katie Bachman, Dean of Enrollment adn Rentention
Jessica Kawelmacher, A&R Technician, Classified
Ashley Thompson, Counseling, Classified
John McHenry - Student
Noa Lish - Student

Career Exploration CFIT (Spring 2021 - Fall 2021)

Nicole Griffin, CTE Dean
Dawn Ward, Paralegal Faculty
Jennifer Marshall, Job Development Specialist, Classified
Terri Hack, Counseling Faculty
Tim Allen, Counseling Faculty
Scott Cameron, Science Faculty
Matt Mann, Web Developer
Corey Marvin, VP Instruction