Classified Leadership

Classified Senate Leaders

Title Name Phone Location
President Denise Allen (760) 384-6229 IWV MB 224
Vice President Kelly Potten (760) 384-6201 IWV MB 224
Secretary Celena Tuitt (661) 395-4170 X6626 EKC ISEP
Treasurer Elena Guzman (760) 384-6248 IWV MB 228
Event Officer Ian Seiter (760) 384-6383 IWV MB 145
Access Programs Representative
(Access Programs, Job Development, CalWorks, High Tech Center)
Administration Representative
(President and VP Offices, Human Resources, Business Services, Print Shop, Institutional Research)
Admissions and Records Representative      
Counseling Representative      
Financial Aid Representative      
Instruction Representative
(Library, Learning Assistance Center, Teaching Assistants, CTE, Distance Ed)
Information Technology Representative      
Maintenance and Operations Representative      
Outreach and CDC Representative
(Public Information Office, Student Government, Athletics, Child Development Center)

CSEA Local Chapter

Title Name Phone Location
President Tanner Barnett (760) 384-6249 IWV MB 205
Vice President Vacant    
Treasurer Elena Guzman (760) 384-6248 IWV MB 228
Secretary Kimberly Carrasco (760) 384-6220 IWV MB 203
Communications Officer Chandler Petrovich (760) 384-6320 IWV MB 215
Job Steward Jaime McClure (760) 384-6257 IWV MB 228
IWV Site Rep Ashley Thompson (760) 384-6219 IWV MB 215
KRV Site Rep Inge Olsen (760) 384-6396 KRV
Tehachapi Site Rep Kristie Nichols (661) 395-4170 X6604 EKC