Cerro Coso Community College



Update 5/15/2023

Parking permits will not be sold nor enforced for the Summer 2023 semester. Parking will be enforced for illegal parking – such as in disabled parking spaces without the appropriate placard and in fire lanes.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are $20.00 for each Fall or Spring semester and $10.00 for Summer intersession.

Parking permits may be requested by visiting [ link disabled, no need to purchase a pass for Summer 2023 ]. Your permit will be mailed to the address you provide with your order. If paying by cash, check, or third party agency/organization, you must still request your permit online and then visit the Admissions and Records Office to pay or provide third-party documentation. After your payment is processed, you will receive an e-mail with a temporary permit to print and use until you receive your actual permit.

One day parking permits are available in Admissions and Records for $1.00 each or at the parking kiosks located in the Main and Gymnasium Parking Lot.

Parking Regulations

Vehicles possessing a valid State Disabled Person Placard and/or temporary campus disabled parking permit do not require a parking permit. Those persons may park in any disabled parking space on campus or in any other parking space where parking is permitted. 

All other vehicles must have a parking permit.

Decal parking permits are to be affixed to the inside lower left (driver’s side) corner of the front windshield allowing full visibility of the vehicle identification number.

Decal parking permits are not transferable between vehicles. Permits are the responsibility of the holder and/or purchaser and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

Vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas, within the two painted lines and not over the front painted limit line.

Vehicles must be operated in a safe manner.

No person shall drive, park or leave standing any motor vehicle, motorcycle, moped or motor driven cycle upon any area not designated for motor vehicle use including lawn, athletic field, practice area, or sidewalk.

Parking Defined: To park or leave standing any type vehicle, whether occupied or not, other than for the purpose of, or while actually engaged in, loading or unloading passengers and/or equipment. Vehicles shall not be parked or left standing, even though occupied by driver and/or passenger, in a loading zone, disabled zone, limited-time zone, or any other limited or restricted parking zone, other than that time specified by sign and/or curb markings, or areas not designated for use.

$25.00 minimum fine for citations issued for parking violations.

Cerro Coso Community College is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

Regulations are subject to change.

Parking Facts

CCCC makes every effort to provide safe and convenient parking for all who attend the college. Our campus has grown significantly since students began bringing cars to campus in 1973, and so it's important that we maintain safe and suitable parking options. The costs associated with parking are high. Parking facilities require resurfacing and repaving every 5 to 10 years. Beginning with the spring 2014 semester, Cerro Coso Community College will require Parking Permits at all parking lots located on the Ridgecrest campus.

  • Parking is not FREE - Building, operating, maintaining, and providing security for parking facilities costs A LOT of money.
  • Parking fees are necessary to build, operate, and maintain parking lots and provide adequate parking and safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Everybody likes free parking, including us. But just because we don't pay for it doesn't mean that the cost goes away. Somebody has to pay for it. And that somebody is everybody.
  • To accommodate the diverse parking needs of the campus community, Cerro Coso will offer various types of parking permits, most of which may be purchased in advance online.
  • Parking is authorized in designated parking spaces only. Parking spaces cannot be created. A parking space is designated by a white parking space line on each side or end of the vehicle. Vehicles must fit within the parking space lines.
  • Cerro Coso permit rates and parking fines are among the lowest throughout the state.

The revenue generated by parking fees can ONLY be used for building, operating, maintaining, and providing security for parking facilities on campus.