CC Marketplace

CC Marketplace

Basic Needs - Cerro Coso Community College

During an Ohio State University 2017 study on Collegiate Financial Wellness, it was discovered that 58.7% of Cerro Coso students worry about not having enough money for food to get them through the month. That is 9.7% higher than the sampled average of other community colleges.

CC Marketplace was created to address food insecurity for students. It is Cerro Coso's belief that no student should have to learn on an empty stomach.

Supporting Your Basic Needs

Cerro Coso Community College Basic Needs Center strives to support students to be successful by ensuring their basic needs are met through resources, access, and advocacy. Basic needs include access to nutritious foods, mental and physical healthcare, technology, transportation, and more. Having one's basic needs met has a direct impact on the academic performance, mental health, physical health, and holistic well-being of our students.

Basic Needs Program

  • Use the link below and complete the form to connect with support.
  • After you complete the form, a staff member will contact the student to provide information and resources.

Basic Needs Referral Form

Submit a Basic Needs application today!

Contact Us

  • Location: CC Marketplace (in the Student Center, IWV)
  • Phone: (760) 384-6370
  • Hours:
    • Closed during the Summer

CC Marketplace Guidelines

CalFresh logo.

  1. Please check in with a student worker at the front desk
    1. Provide your Student ID, Household number.
  2. If you are needing to take items for yourself and or family:
    1. You may take 10 items off the shelf
    2. You make take 2 items from the refrigerator
    3. Hygiene kit
    4. Toilet paper (2)
  3. If you need a quick snack:
    1. Please let the student worker show you around and help you grab an item you would like to make and or heat up.
  4. Please only take items you will use and need, please do not waste.
  5. The marketplace is only stocked TWICE a month.
  6. If there is an item you don't see, please leave a suggestion with the student worker.

We are supporting students with CALFresh information and application support inside the marketplace.

Please stop by and see the pantry, we are here to support you and your academic journey. #CCCares

Additional Resources

Benefits Helpline: 1 (877) 847-3663


Kern County Food Bank

(800) 273-2275

You must provide a CA DL, CA ID or Social security Number. Please call this number and verify for place and time, it is subject to change.

Kern DHS

(760) 499-5200

145 E Ridgecrest Blvd

Food Distribution in Ridgecrest, CA

Subject to Change


Grace Lutheran Church

502 N Norma St, (760) 375-9768

Food Pantry

  • Mon-Thurs 8AM - 12PM, 1PM - 4PM
  • Friday 8AM - 2PM

Immanuel Baptist's Ministry Center

1201 N China Lake Blvd, (760) 446-4531

Free Dinner

  • Mondays 6:00PM - 6:30PM

Clothing Closet

  • Mondays 5:00PM - 6:30PM

St. Ann's Catholic Church

446 W Church St, (760) 375-2110

Food Pantry

  • Mon-Fri 9AM - 11AM

Free Dinner

  • Varies, must call for dates and times

St. Michael's Episcopal Church

200 W. Drummond Ave, (760) 446-5816

Food Baskets

  • 4th Tuesday of every month from 9AM - 12PM

Salvation Army

151 N Downs St, (760) 375-7219

Food Drive-thru

  • Tuesdays and Fridays: 12:30PM - until out 

Social Services

  • W, Th, F: 9AM - 11:30AM
    Example services: Electric services, individual case needs

Clothing Vouchers

United Methodist Church

635 N. Norma St, (760) 375-7434

Free Dinner

  • 1st and 3rd Friday of every month from 5 - 6PM

How can I help?

Donate Food and Goods

Donate non-perishable items and hygiene products:

Donations are accepted year-round in the Student Activities Office (MB 145).

Needed items:

  • Non-perishable food
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Kleenex
  • Reusable plastic and cloth bags

Donate Money

Monetary donations can be made to CC Marketplace through the Cerro Coso Community College (CCCC) Foundation. The CCCC Foundation has established a new fund to collect donations that will allow us to create and sustain campus food pantries at all CCCC campuses.

Donate to the Foundation

Under Fund Designation,
choose CC Marketplace.

For Cerro Coso Faculty and Staff Only: If you are interested in providing monetary donations to this fund on an ongoing basis through payroll deduction, please contact Human Resources.

How are donations used?

Food and hygiene products donated to CCCC are used at food drives hosted on all campus sites. Monetary donations are used to purchase food and hygiene products from partnered food banks at a significantly reduced rate. Additional funds will be used to fund a permanent food pantry location on campus.

Are my monetary donations tax-deductible?

The Cerro Coso Community College Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization. All gifts to the foundation qualify for the maximum allowable deduction under the law. Donors should consult their tax counsel to determine the tax-deductibility of any gift as it relates to their personal situation.