How To: Request a College Vehicle for Travel

General Guidelines

For the use of college vehicles and rental cars

  • Reservations should be made as soon as possible to ensure that a college vehicle or rental car is available.
  • When completing the vehicle request form, be considerate of the dates/times that you are requesting the vehicle. The departure and return times should reflect the time you anticipate leaving with the vehicle and returning with the vehicle. This allows us to better utilize our fleet of vehicles.
  • Vehicles should only be used for college/district business.
  • Use of wireless communication devices, including hands-free devices, is not allowed while driving a college vehicle or rental car.
  • Vehicles should be returned with a full tank of gas and key/receipts turned in. Please refer to the Vehicle Check Out form for key/receipt return options.
  • All personal belongings should be removed from the vehicle and the vehicle should be clear of any trash when returned.
  • Be sure to turn off any interior lights before securing the car for the evening. This will prevent a dead battery.
  • Indicate any problems on the vehicle check list upon return, UNLESS the problem makes the vehicle unsafe in which case you should notify the Administrative Services immediately.
  • Vehicles should not be driven on unimproved roads (for example, 20 Mule Team Road).

Requesting a Vehicle

For the IWV campus, college vehicles and rental car reservations are made through the receptionist, Candy Caine. In her absence, please see the Business Office (next door to the receptionist) for further directions. The Vehicle Request Form can be found in Employee Forms (See Forms).

Please remember that, prior to reserving a college vehicle or rental car, an Agreement for Use of Automobile on School Business form must be completed. (See Forms). This form must be renewed each fiscal year. You will need to attach a copy of your driver’s license and proof of current insurance with this form. You are encouraged to complete this as soon as possible to avoid delays with your reservations. This form must be submitted to your immediate supervisor.