How To: Make an Accessible Document

Creating an accessible PDFstarts with creating an accessible Word document.

Creating Accessible Documents (PDF document, revised 2019-08-15)

Online Education and Website Accessibility

The Department of Education Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has published a short webinar on YouTube titled "Online Education and Website Accessibility". 3-17-2020

Google Docs Accessibility

When creating a document with Google Docs, please enable the Grackle Docs Add-On.

  1. Start a new document or open a document you have permission to EDIT.
  2. Find the Add-Ons menu (between Tools and Help).
  3. Click on Get Add-Ons
  4. Find Grackle Docs
  5. Click on Grackle Docs
  6. Click on Install and Continue.
  7. Allow Grackle Docs permissions
  8. Click Done.

Afterwards, you can find Grackle Docs in the Add-On menu. Use it to help you create an accessible document in Google Docs.