Other Security Assistance and Information

Report a Non-Emergency Safety Issue

Faculty and staff should report issues using Asset Essentials.

Students and everyone else should use the Safety and Security Contact Form.

Report Incident/Accident on Campus

Individuals that need to report incidents, accidents, or illnesses that required medical aid should complete the Incident Reporting Form.

Report Behavior of Concern (BIT)

Individuals that need to report alarming or disturbing behavior should complete the Behavioral Intervention Reporting Form.

General Information

Annual Clery Report (2020)

Emergency Action Plan (2016)

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Safety Tips

January 2021: Safety Bulletin-Stalking

September 2020: Safety Bulletin

November 2019: Planning Your Exit

October 2019: Domestic Violence and Abuse

August 2019: Mental Health Wellness

May 2019: Drugs, Alcohol, and Relationship Abuse

April 2019: Surviving a Hostage Situation

March 2019: Driving Tips for Adverse Weather

December 2018: Distracted Driving Tips