How to Check Your Registration Status

  1. Go to InsideCC
    Portal Login screenshot
  2. Enter your Cerro Coso assigned email
  3. Enter your password
    (8-20 characters, must have letters and numbers, no special characters—*&^%—and no sequences—abc,123,0978).
    1. fl258963
    2. firstlast25
    3. codeword789
  4. Select Registration Status under MyBanWeb from the top toolbar
    select term screenshot.
  5. Select Term
    Banner screenshot
  6. You will be able to see when you are eligible to register.
    registration status times screen.
  7. You will also be able to see if you have a hold that prevents registration. If you have a hold, contact Counseling (760) 384-6219.
    registration status holds screen.
  8. You may also check for special permissions to take courses based on Counselor evaluation of previous course histories at other colleges.
    registration status special permit screen.