COVID-19 Update for Students on Emergency Notification

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KCCD currently utilizes Blackboard Connect (BBC) for secondary Emergency Mass Notification transmissions. BBC notifications go out to cellular (text and voice) and home (voice) telephones as well as email. In order to utilize BBC in the most effective manner possible, we are asking that everyone to the link listed below and update their electronic contact preferences so the District can effectively communicate with you regarding our response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Once you click on the link, enter your @ number and password. Once you are on the page, select “Personal Information.” If, on your personal page you have the box checked in front of the following language, “ Do not send me any emergency notification messages. I understand that I will still receive notification of emergency situations through e-mail delivery.”, please uncheck that box for at least the duration of this emergency.

The District is currently working on improvements to the District's emergency mass communication platforms, but BBC is what we currently have in place.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

If you have any issues with the above link, please try opening it in an incognito window.


You can login to https://insidebc.kccd.edu and also. Then click MyBanWeb at the top of the page, then Personal Information, and then Update Telephone Numbers and Emergency Notification Preferences. 

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