Stay on Track!

Student Jessie with books.

Now is a great time to start preparing for Priority Registration for summer and fall classes! To get priority registration, you need to complete orientation, assessment (if applicable), and meet with a counselor to complete a long-term education plan.

Maintaining an updated education plan is the best way to stay on track and help you obtain your educational goals! To make an appointment for an education plan, please contact your appropriate campus:

  • (760) 384-6219 at Ridgecrest / Indian Wells Valley
  • (760) 379-5501 at Kern River Valley Lake Isabella
  • (661) 258-8644 at East Kern Center: Edwards AFB
  • (661) 823-4986 at East Kern Center: Tehachapi
  • (760) 872-1565 at ESCC Bishop
  • (760) 934-2875 at ESCC Mammoth Lakes
  • (760) 384-6219 for Online students

If you have transcripts from another college or university, we will need them in order to complete your education plan. We look forward to hearing from you!