Child Development Center

The Cerro Coso Child Development Centers are serving families and children in person and via virtual learning. We have a limited number of in person spots available at each site. Please complete a preliminary application to be put on the wait list or contact Jessica Krall at

Child Development Center (Facility #150406460 & 150406458)
3000 College Heights Blvd.
Ridgecrest, CA 93555
Phone: (760) 384-6362

The Center offers a developmentally appropriate program funded through the Department of Education. Part day preschool and full time care is available to families who qualify. Students of Cerro Coso Community College are given first priority. Facilities are located in Ridgecrest and California City.

The Center is staffed with Child Development Professionals. Each classroom has credentialed teaching staff and follows regulations and rules set forth by the California Department of Education Title 5 and Community Care licensing Title 22 that regulates child to teacher ratios, teacher education and experience, and the overall accountability for our program.

As a child development lab school center, we strive to provide college students with an exemplary model of developmentally appropriate practices in a safe secure setting.

For more information, please email Jessica Krall.


Our program will provide an atmosphere where individuals are respected and recognized for their uniqueness. We will offer encouragement and support to foster each person's self-esteem, autonomy, competence and success.


To accomplish this vision, our mission is to provide...


  • a safe, healthy, developmentally appropriate learning environment
  • recognition of their unique talents and contributions
  • respect for their ability to think, learn and solve problems
  • guidance to help them successfully interact with others as they seek to discover answers


  • support and recognition of the interconnectedness of child and family
  • encouragement and understanding of the challenges parents encounter
  • recognition and respect of the family culture(s) and values
  • provisions for frequent communication with staff


  • opportunities for professional growth in child development and in facilitating learning
  • information, resources and support which assist their efforts to promote program quality
  • encouragement to act as advocates for children and the child development profession
  • provisions for frequent communication with families students

  • an exemplary child development model based on current child development research
  • a climate of mutual respect and trust where we encourage open communication
  • an atmosphere which views successes and failures as opportunities for learning
  • information regarding advocating for children and the child development profession

We believe...

  • Each person is a unique individual, full of discovery and knowledge
  • A positive self-image is essential to the full development of each individual
  • A child develops trust by the constant, caring response to his needs by the adults in his environment beginning with the primary caregiver in infancy
  • Children need opportunities for expression through art, music, and language
  • Children need an environment that they can explore and discover on their own with adult support
  • Children with special needs are more similar to their peers than different from them, and all children benefit from learning together
  • A safe, warm, supportive environment where children's emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development are enriched is vital
  • Diversity is to be honored and celebrated
  • Positive learning experiences in the early years set the stage for lifelong learning

Our program goals are...

  • To adapt to the changing needs, interests, and abilities of each child in our care
  • To provide a safe, consistent, inclusive environment for children and their families
  • To create an atmosphere of honesty and trust by openly communicating with one another
  • To provide college students with a model program where they can apply their knowledge about children, families and their development
  • To provide quality child care services to support KCCD college students in reaching their educational goals
  • To achieve the California State Department of Education Desired Results for Children and Families which are:
    • Children are personally and socially competent
    • Children are effective learners
    • Children show physical and motor competence
    • Children are safe and healthy
    • Families support their children's learning and development
    • Families achieve their goals

Hours of Operation

Cerro Coso Child Development Center offers quality early childhood experiences and childcare to anyone in our community and serves children ranging in age from 18 months to the start of Kindergarten. We are open Monday-Friday, 7:45am to 5:00pm. The Center does close for staff in-service days and some holidays. A calendar of these dates is provided upon enrollment. Submit an application to enroll your child(ren) in our program..

Child / Staff Ratios

Toddlers: 18 months to 36 months

1 Staff : 4 Toddlers
1 Certificated Teacher : 16 Toddlers

Preschool: 36 months to Kindergarten

1 Staff : 8 Preschool
1 Certificated Teacher : 24 Preschool