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The Cerro Coso Community College Foundation was stablished in 1977 as an auxiliary arm of the College. The fundraising efforts of the Foundation assist and support the College in fulfilling its role in serving the community of which it is a part. It does this by raising and distributing monies, properties and other assets for the construction of buildings, for the purchase of equipment and other outlay needs; and by using these assets for the awarding of scholarships, loans and grants to students based on needs and/or merit.

A Foundation for Life

The Cerro Coso Community College Foundation is the focus of community support for Cerro Coso’s students and faculty. Over the years, thousands of caring citizens have given time and money to the Foundation, thus ensuring that quality education is available for everyone in the college’s service area.

Private gifts, donations, and other non-tax sources provide for scholarships, endowments, learning aids, technical equipment, and educational programs and services. Unrestricted gifts are especially welcome because they provide funds for use where the need is greatest or allow the Foundation to respond to unexpected opportunities.

No gift is too small. All contributions are welcomed from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Some donors choose to fund special programs and projects, while others provide for a memorial or tribute to a loved one through scholarship funds.

How is the Foundation's Money Spent?

Phi Theta Kappa: The Foundation provides 120 membership scholarships to CCCC students to the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society (PTK), opening the door to millions of dollars in scholarship opportunities. Funding includes student and advisor travel to the annual PTK Catalyst Conference where they meet fellow PTK members around the world and attend valuable educational sessions.

Cerro Coso Promise: The Foundation contributes to the Cerro Coso Promise scholarship program, which is currently one of the Foundation’s key funding priorities.

Cerro Coso Athletics: an auxiliary organization of the CCCC Foundation.

Student Vocational Nursing: The Foundation helps support this intensive educational program, which prepares students to become Licensed Vocational (Practical) Nurses (LVN/PN).

Alumni Association: an auxiliary organization of the CCCC Foundation.

Hunger Free Campus: This program was created to address food insecurity among our students; it is Cerro Coso’s firm belief that no student should have to learn on an empty stomach.

Scholarships: The Foundation awarded $115,400 in scholarships to Cerro Coso students in 2018.

Special Grants: The Foundation recently funded a Special Grant to entice students to donated unused textbooks to Access Programs that saved the students thousands of dollars in college textbook costs.

Employee Professional Development: The Foundation invests in the professional development of Cerro Coso employees, ultimately strengthening the backbone of the college.

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