Submit Syllabus and Office Hours

Submitting Your Syllabus

Each semester faculty are asked to upload the class syllabus from every class they teach. We do this for a couple of reasons. Accreditation standards require that in every class section students receive a course syllabus that includes student learning outcomes from the institution's officially approved course outline of record. This provides evidence to show that we are meeting the standard.

And as a practical matter, we get request from students—sometime years later—seeking a syllabus as part of a course equivalency at another institution. This allows us to provide that information without needing to contact the instructor or even if the instructor has retired.

Please upload a syllabus for each separate CRN, even if teaching multiple sections of the same course.

Submit Course Syllabus


Submitting Office Hours

Office Hours are not required for the summer session or from part-time faculty.

The number of office hours scheduled for the convenience of students shall be proportional to instructional load. A maximum of five (5) office hours per week shall be scheduled and posted for instructional faculty or preparation time for student services faculty. These hours may be held in the faculty member's office, online, and/or at appropriate District locations. These hours shall reflect the range of delivery modes of the faculty assignment. 

If you are unsure of the number of office hours to hold or the number that must be held on campus, please consult your faculty chair or your educational administrator.

Submit Office Hours