Gilbert Plain Family Scholarship

This scholarship is open to

  • Freshman or sophomore attending any Cerro Coso campus
  • Enrolled in 6 or more units
  • With a GPA of 3.0 or higher (exception based on financial need and student desire to obtain a college education will be considered)
  • Pursuing a general education program of study designed to transfer to a four year institution. (This scholarship is not available to vocational students)

Award amount will be based on the amount donated throughout the year. Financial need will be considered.

Gilbert and Félice Plain

Gilbert Plain was born on a farm in North Dakota in 1911 and learned early the necessity of hard work. His desire for intellectual pursuits inspired him to work his way through college and graduate school, earning a PhD in Physics. His postgraduate work, during WWII, included smashing the atom at MIT's Radiation Laboratory. In early 1946, he and his wife, Félice, and two baby daughters moved to China Lake where Gil worked in the Research Department at Michelson Laboratory. His growing family and a passion for education led him to stand for election to the local school board, on which he served many years. He was invited to run for election to the Kern Community College District and served in that capacity for two decades.

In 1989 Dr. Plain and his wife established the Gilbert Plain Family Scholarship through the Fire Mountain Foundation at Cerro Coso. Both had earned their way through college and graduate school and were forever grateful for the opportunities afforded them. Félice and Gilbert Plain remained in Ridgecrest for the rest of their lives and were ardent supporters of the arts and contributors to local education.

The CCCC Foundation is committed to helping students succeed in college through its scholarship program.

If you have questions about Scholarships please contact:

Candace Cornett
(760) 384-6221