CC Marketplace

CC Marketplace

During an Ohio State University 2017 study on Collegiate Financial Wellness, it was discovered that 58.7% of Cerro Coso students worry about not having enough money for food to get them through the month. That is 9.7% higher than the sampled average of other community colleges.

CC Marketplace was created to address food insecurity for students. It is Cerro Coso's belief that no student should have to learn on an empty stomach.

Supporting Your Basic Needs

Cerro Coso Community College Basic Needs Center strives to support students to be successful by ensuring their basic needs are met through resources, access, and advocacy. Basic needs include access to nutritious foods, mental and physical healthcare, technology, transportation, and more. Having one's basic needs met has a direct impact on the academic performance, mental health, physical health, and holistic well-being of our students.

Please complete the form below to connect with support. After you complete the form, a staff member will reach out to provide information and resources to the student. If you would like immediate assistance, please consider visiting the Basic Needs Center located in Room 145 on the Ridgecrest Campus or calling (760) 384-6150. Students are welcome to walk in to access food and clothing supplies or connect with our team.

For more information, complete the Basic Needs Referral Form and one of our staff will reach out to you with help.

How can I help?

Donate Money

Monetary donations can be made to CC Marketplace through the Cerro Coso Community College (CCCC) Foundation. The CCCC Foundation has established a new fund to collect donations that will allow us to create and sustain campus food pantries at all CCCC campuses.

Donate to the Foundation

Under Fund Designation,
choose CC Marketplace.

For Cerro Coso Faculty and Staff Only: If you are interested in providing monetary donations to this fund on an ongoing basis through payroll deduction, please contact Human Resources.

Are my monetary donations tax deductible?

The Cerro Coso Community College Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization. All gifts to the foundation qualify for the maximum allowable deduction under the law. Donors should consult their tax counsel to determine the tax deductibility of any gift as it relates to their personal situation.

Additional Resources

Calfresh Program
Benefits Helpline 1-877-847-3663

Basic Needs Services

All Kern County

  • Referrals & listings


The Salvation Army
538 E. Tehachapi Bl.
(661) 823-9508

  • Disaster relief
  • LGBTQ support
  • Homeless assistance
  • Food pantry
  • Rehabilitation
  • Domestic abuse

College Community Services
113 E. F Street
(661) 822-8223

  • Child and adult counseling

107 S. Mill Street
(661) 822-4639

  • Learning center, ESL

Kern County Department of Public Health
125 E. F Street
(661) 822-3005

  • Immunizations
  • Family planning
  • Public assistance programs

Kern County Department of Public Health
125 E. F Street
(661) 822-3005

  • Immunizations
  • Family planning
  • Public assistance programs

California City

10701 Applewood Dr.
(760) 373-7632

  • Foster youth assistance

California City Community Church
21001 Conklin Blvd.
(760) 373-2346

  • Charity services

Our Lady of Lourdes Food Pantry
9970 California Blvd.
(760) 373-2256

  • Food distribution

Tehachapi Family Health Center
9350 N. Loop Blvd.
(760) 373-1785

  • Medical services


Edwards AFB Airman & Family Readiness Center
Farrell Dr.
(661) 277-0723

  • Financial assistance
  • WIC
  • Counseling

Edwards AFB Mental Health Clinic
30 Nightingale Rd.
(661) 277-5291

  • Counseling

Kern River Valley

Kern County Human Services
7050 Lake Isabella Blvd.
(760) 549-2006

  • Emergency Food
  • County Benefits
  • Homeless assistance

College Community Services
2731 Nugget Ave.
(760) 379-3412

  • Child and adult counseling

Family Resource Center
6048 Lake Isabella Blvd.
(760) 379-2556

  • Adult and child education services
  • Nutrition services
  • COVID testing
  • Parenting assistance

Owens Valley Career Development Center
6404 Lake Isabella Blvd.
(760) 379-4770

  • Tribal TANF
  • Family literacy
  • Career Education
  • Kern Indian Education Center

Pregnancy Resource Center
6040 Lake Isabella Blvd.
(760) 379-8893

  • Young family services
  • Custodial grandparent assistance

K.N.U.C.K.L.E. U.P. Ministries
5301 Lake Isabella Blvd
(760) 549-7034

  • Recovery assistance & celebration
  • Youth and children's services
  • Naloxone program
  • Welcome Home Initiative
  • Food distribution