Career Technical Education

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California community college students who earned degrees or vocational certificates nearly doubled their income within four years of earning their degree or certificate. Source: California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office Focus on Results Report to the Legislature, March 2012.

Cerro Coso offers a wide variety of educational opportunities for students looking for career training or workforce development. We also provide numerous courses to help you enhance job skills and career development.

  • Career Development
  • Job Skills Training
  • Occupational Training
  • Workforce Education

Work-based learning is at the heart of hands-on instruction and application of real-world experience in the classroom. By providing students with experiences in a working environment, they are able to put their education to practical use. The introduction of real-world experiences into the classroom helps students become familiar with the expectations of the employer/client and gives them many opportunities for problem solving. These skills and experiences enable students to enter into the workforce with real expectations of how they will conduct themselves as professionals.

Faculty members are able to utilize work-based learning projects to introduce and illustrate concepts that can be addressed in an applicable manner, with the student applying those concepts to a task at hand. This input-to-outcome transference of information enables faculty and students to see the direct result of their education and how they can apply education when they are on the job. Work-based learning provides faculty a rich and meaningful method of instruction, one that has proven to be invaluable to students.

Notice of Nondiscrimination: The lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission to, and participation in, vocational education programs and services.

Please Note: Not all programs are available at all sites. Not all programs are offered at all times.