Purpose and Goals


The Office of Institutional Research supports Cerro Coso Community College College in providing information that leads to thoughtful and purposeful decision-making for the improvement of student learning and achievement, and overall college planning. Institutional Research serves as a primary resource in building a culture of evidence by bringing statistical and social science research methods to the institution's use of data throughout all campuses of Cerro Coso Community College. Our office conducts research, plays leadership and research advising roles, and serves as a steward for the college's official data. Institutional Research is staffed by a college institutional researcher and an institutional research analyst located on-site at the Indian Wells Valley campus in Ridgecrest.


Institutional Research is a resource for Cerro Coso administrators, faculty, staff, and students. The IR team seeks to support our stakeholders and their commitment of the Cerro Coso Community College mission of providing access to outstanding educational opportunities for all students. Our goal is to help integrate meaningful research and evaluation into college activities related to the achievement and success of students by supporting the Cerro Coso Community College community:

  • Refine research and evaluation questions
  • Identify and use existing data applicable to a project
  • Choose appropriate methods
  • Understand key metrics and definitions of terms
  • Leverage data for decision-making and creating positive impacts

Topics Addressed

As a service office, Institutional Research seeks to meet the needs of the Cerro Coso College community by conducting research, providing reports and institutional data related to:

  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • Accreditation
  • College Initiatives (SSSP/Student Equity/ BSI)
  • Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
  • Annual Unit Planning
  • Program Review
  • Professional Development
  • Education Master Planning
  • Matriculation and Enrollment Strategies
  • Grant and Funding Reports