Cerro Coso Community College

Kesley Leffler at the Bookstore


Orientation will provide incoming students with:

  • a guided tour of the campus
  • an overview of campus and online resources
  • an introduction to the Learning Resource Center/Tutoring
  • educational planning—meet the counseling staff
  • a review of student leadership, clubs, and campus activities
  • a tour of the campus bookstore
  • and much, much more

To qualify for an early registration date, students need to complete all the steps of the following process: Orientation, Assessment, and Counseling to develop a Student Education Plan. To schedule an appointment for any of these steps, please call (760) 384-6219.

Online Orientation

If you are not located near any of the Cerro Coso campuses, online student orientation is available.

Please note: To complete our online student orientation you will need your Student ID.

Launch the Online Orientation

Orientation Dates

For on-ground orientation. Appointment Required. Call (760) 384-6219.

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