Cerro Coso Community College Launches New Parking Management System

Birdseye view of Cerro Coso Parking System

Cerro Coso Community College has launched a new Parking Management System along with a special Community Parking Permit.

Under the new system, parking permits are required at all Cerro Coso lots at the Ridgecrest campus. While students will receive parking permit information during the registration process, there are two options for community members who visit our campus.

The first option is to purchase a single-day Guest Parking Permit. These permits are $2 per day and can be purchased using QR codes posted in all Cerro Coso parking lots. Alternatively, they can be purchased online (see below).

For guests who visit the campus regularly, Cerro Coso has added the Community Parking Permit. This $40 permit is valid for 6 months after the date of purchase and is good in all authorized lots and locations.

Fees from the parking permits are being used to fund future parking expansions as well as maintenance of our current parking lots. The permits also directly support campus safety and security.

Purchase a Parking Permit
Purchase a Parking Permit

Permits are required for all vehicles on our campus. Read more details about Cerro Coso’s parking policies and regulations.