Parade of 1000 Flags

Participants in the Parade of 1000 Flags

More than 100 Cerro Coso students, staff, and faculty members joined the community of Ridgecrest on September 9 to join the Parade of 1000 Flags in memory of those lost and first responders of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in 2001. This signature event draws people from near and far and is noted to be one of the most patriotic events of 9/11 commemorated anywhere. Many of the students and children in the parade were not yet born at the time of the attacks, but they need to know and understand the significance of one of the darkest days in America’s history.

The annual parade helps etch that into their memories. The Parade of 1000 Flags began with a march down China Lake Boulevard to City Hall where the flags were posted in Freedom Park followed by a program at the gazebo. A signature event for Ridgecrest, the Parade of 1000 Flags is a strong symbol and image of what the community stands for: a patriotic community with a strong presence of the US Navy and the role it supports in the defense of our country. United we stood as 9/11 responders toiled and families searched in 2001. We will never forget!

Placed flags at Freedom Park
Student athletes with U.S. flags