Honors Program Graduates Take Center Stage in Celebratory Event

2023 Honors Program Graduates.

Captions: Cerro Coso Honors Program Graduates, L to R: Nicolas Ellis, Kevin Thompson, Joyce Chung, Rudolph Richards, Jeremiah Lillion, Lauren Zissos, Amy Myers, Elajae Lee, and Jessica Cliff.

Cerro Coso Community College Honors Program celebrated the graduation of its 2023 class in a luncheon held on Saturday, May 6th 2023. The program is designed for motivated and academically talented students seeking enriched and challenging experiences to fulfill their educational goals. Nine students were recognized in the ceremony: Rudolph Richards, Amy Myers, Elajae Lee, Lauren Zissos, Jeremiah Lillion, Jessica Cliff, Kevin Thompson, Joyce Chung, and Nicolas Ellis. The graduates, along with their families, friends, and faculty participated in the event. To successfully graduate from the Honors Program, students must; complete a minimum of 16 units of Honors credit, either through courses, contracts, or a combination; hold a minimum grade point average of 3.25 in transfer-level courses; and meet the graduation or transfer requirements of the college. During the ceremony, several professors praised their students' scholarship and success, and graduates were presented with their honors certificates, cords, and tassels which will be worn during commencement on May 12th.

Two $500 Faculty Honors Scholarships were awarded to Elajae Lee and Nicolas Ellis, and the $1,000 President's Honors Scholarship went to graduating high school student, Meghan Albro (Burroughs High School) for her exceptional academic performance.