Gaming Tournament: Ultimate Success

2022 Gaming Tournament Champion.

Caption: David Moelter and Frank Ortiz from RIDG Gaming, Jude Siracki, and Sam King earn bragging rights for RAW Media Pros for winning the corporate competition, Nick Wakley owner of RAW Media Pros, and CCCC Foundation Director and Event Chair Derrick Hu

Super Smash Bros. has evolved into an enduring fan favorite—one that has managed the neat trick of appealing to both the casual and hardcore fans—and proved the perfect game for the Cerro Coso Community College Foundation's second Gaming Tournament held on Saturday, December 10, 2022. This year, the Foundation teamed up with experts RIDG gaming to hose the event. More than 62 players showed up to play in one or more of the individuals, under-ten, or corporate competitions.

The competition was fierce, with players of all ages who play in regular tournaments with esports professionals and with friends daily. Competitive as everyone was, it was all in good sportsmanship, which is important. As the remaining players dwindled, everyone gathered around to watch those who would come out on top.

Today's top Smash Bros. players can perform feats that would seem impossible to mere mortals. In the end, after an entire day of battles it would be Jude Siracki, Orlando Mielke, and Matthew Raley who would take first, second, and third place respectively in the individuals' competition. Team Raw Media, Auron Wakely took first place for the 10 and under competition, and RAW Media team of Sam King and Jude Siracki won the prize trophy in the sponsorship competition.

Following the success of the first Gaming Tournament, the CCCC Foundation hopes to hold another tournament in the spring. Moving on to their next event mark your calendars for a Promise Color Fun Run in April at the Ridgecrest Campus.