Bringing the Arcade to the CC Student Center

Two gentlemen playing an arcade game.
Person playing arcade game.

Desert Valleys Federal Credit Union is a long-time supporter of Cerro Coso Community College's Foundation, and they recently donated four arcade game machines to the CCCC Foundation! These arcade games are four classics that would be seen in any arcade, bowling alley, or pizza parlor. The free arcade games, The Simpsons, Mortal Combat, Marvel Superheroes, and Teenage Ninja Turtles, are conveniently located in the Student Center of the IWV Cerro Coso campus. The perfect place to wind down and get your gaming on!

Whether students or staff are taking a study break, on their lunch, or in between classes, the arcade machines will be used and enjoyed! It is safe to say most Cerro Coso staff members feel the same way; Cerro Coso staff member Addy Windsor states, “the games in the student center are great- perfect for students to enjoy between classes and fun for the staff too!” According to Cornell health, it is crucial students take a break from studying “to refresh brain energy, productivity, and ability to focus,” and these new arcade additions to the CC Student Center are a great way to take a break!

Thank you so much to Desert Valley Federal Credit Union! We thank you for your continuous support of Cerro Coso Community College.