Late Start Classes Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Late Start Classes.

The traditional 16-week semester is underway, but we know that with busy schedules you could use some additional choices. Please know that Cerro Coso is offering a number of late start classes beginning in February and running a variety of lengths.

It is not too late for you to enroll in spring classes!

This table provides a list of late start classes.

Decorative element OPEN: section is open and class has not started. All classes listed below are OPEN, unless otherwise noted.
Decorative element CLOSED: section is closed and waitlist is not available.
Decorative element WAITLIST: section is closed but seats are available on the waitlist.
Decorative element Restricted: section is closed and/or special approval is needed; contact the department.

Course Title Weeks
ACAD C098A Advanced Officer Training 11
ACAD C098C Advanced Officer Training III 11
ACAD C098D Advanced Officer Training IV 2
HCRS C132 Decorative elementDecorative element (OPEN and WAITLIST) Electronic Health Records 6-8