Late Start IT Classes


Late Start Classes Provide Knowledge and Skills in Information Technology

Technology touches every aspect of our lives today.  From downloading music, playing games, banking, to communication, and driving a vehicle….technology drives it all.  As information technology continues its rapid change, businesses and organizations need professionals with the right skills and training to help them meet their needs and lead technology initiatives.

Whether you're just starting out in the IT field, or ready to advance your career, Cerro Coso's IT programs of study can help you gain the expertise you need to succeed. Programs that meet all levels of experience. The college offers an AS in Information Technology, Information Technology Certificate, Data Analyst I Certificate (Pathway to Completion), and an Information Technology Plus Certificate. 

The college's Computer Information Systems program is designed to help those pursuing professional employment in computer information systems for business. Upon completion of the program students are prepared to seek a career in network, systems, or database administration; technical and applications support; and programming.  Designed for both full and part-time students, the program is appropriate to both those currently employed and those seeking to enter the field.  Career opportunities include Computer Programmer, Computer Repair (A+ Certified), Computer Operator, Computer Support Specialist, Networking, Systems, or Database Administration.

Cerro Coso Community College is offering three 12-week, late start, online IT classes that begin February 16. 

  • IT C101 (30760) Introduction to Computer Information Systems. Professor Valerie Karnes will instruct the course on information systems and their role in business.  Focus is on information systems, database management systems, networking, e-commerce, ethics and security, computer systems hardware and software components.  Students develop computer-based solutions to business problems. 
  • IT C142 (30762) Information and Communication Technology Essentials.  Instructor Christopher Harper will provide an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professionals.  The fundamentals of computer hardware and software, as well as advanced concepts such as security, networking and the responsibilities of an ICT professional, are introduced.  This course prepares students for the CompTIA's A+ certification exam. 
  • IT C251(30766) Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies. This is an introduction to the fundamental concepts of models of application development including the basic concepts of program design, data structures, programming, problem solving, programming logic, and fundamental design techniques for event-driven programs.  Dr. Matt Hightower will instruct this course that provides students hands-on experience with a modern application programming language and development platform.  

More information available at or contact a Cerro Coso counselor at your local campus or office.